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  • I've just taken delivery of a Straggler frame set, as a new commuter / light tourer. It's a fresh build that I already have most parts for, mostly spare parts, but i am building it some new wheels. All I still need are some disc callipers, some compressionless brake housing, and a headset.
    I know what headset I want, but I'm torn between Hy/Rds and Spyres for stopping duties. Reading various reviews on each I'm still unsure. I'm not likely to take this too far away from civilisation, so the simplicity of the Spyres is not as appealing as the extra power of the Hy/Rds on paper. They would be paired with 6600 Ultegra STI units.
    Also can someone recommend what compressionless cable to use? Yokozuna CX sounds and looks ideal, but I can't find any in stock.

    Not really a stand out project so I won't bother with a dedicated thread.

  • There's a pair of slightly used (!) Spyres for sale on here somewhere for a fair price at the moment. Here.

    Jagwire do compressionless housing. BMX housing has also been suggested, and I believe @mdcc_tester has a suggestion too. FWIW I raced on Spyres with normal crappy cable housing this year and never felt under-braked, just under-skilled :)

  • Anyone used this­b-brake-cable-kit/ ? Half the price of the Yokozuna etc. Can't say there's anything wrong with the standard cable outer I've been using, even with the weight of a kid on the back, but need new bar tape, and while it's off I fancy trying compressionless to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Any thoughts on the Jagwire Pro Road XL cable set? Seems to have a decent length of compressionless brake outer. Can't find many meaningful reviews however.


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