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  • So a month or so ago I was knocked off my bike by a pair of daft women bending down in the road at the double set of traffic lights by the Theatre Royal in town. I was on green and they dashed out in front of me before collecting something that they dropped out of a pram.

    Inevitably, I plow into her at 20+mph and somersault over her. Now I'm left with a reasonable dent in the toptube around 10cm back from the headtube. I also managed to dent one of the chainstays too not mentioning the damage to me..

    Obviously in an ideal world I'd get them repaired and when money allows it, I will. But until then, Is it safe to ride? I think the chainstay is what concerns me more it being a steel frame and much thinner tube.

    I'll upload pictures tomorrow cos its a stupid time right now and I can't be arsed.

    Frame is a Claud Butler Olympic Sprint, 531 tubing



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