• A thread to celebrate fat tyres, internal gear hubs and funny handlebars.

    Looking for fatter tyres than in FBNPNA and less stickers, more tank-like indestructibility than in Rat bikes! Pub bikes beater! Frankenbikes!

    No OTPs please, this should be about creative conversions, parts being used for anything other than what they were designed for that kind of thing.

    I'll start with my own Surly 1x1,

    Google image search for things like "dirt drop" brings up a lot of this kind of bike,

    But there's probably a lotjust in the forum,

    The person that suggested I make this thread suggested it being 26" only but I don't think that's necessary and it'd mean bike like @drøn's Rawland Drakkar couldn't be included.

    @Mikenetic had a CP thread for a very worthy Karate Monkey a while ago,

    @svendsvin Pompino is maybe a bit skinny tyred but it's so amazingly bonkers that it deserves being reposted anyway.

    I think @⑦up will have something for this thread soon?

    I'm sure there's loads more forum bikes deserve posting here...


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