• What about something that Ryan did with Nik's 29ers?

    He spec it to run with normal fork that's closed to touring geometry, or fit a suspension fork that raised the BB and slacken the head angle for MTB geometry.

    With a bottom height of 294, ht angle 73, offset 51, trail 60. In road
    touring mode she simply puts 28c tires on it, and the bottom bracket
    height drops (to 265) and the trail (51mm) will be perfect for
    carrying weight on a low rider racks front and back. In cross country
    mode with a 80mm travel suspension fork on it the bottom raises and
    the head tube slackened to 68 degrees making it a crosscountry 29er
    mountain bike.

  • I remember that Oak and it was an interesting idea. For this though, I'd rather go with geometry that I'm comfortable with and base the majority of the 'customness' on getting the fit & weight distribution spot on.