• Today I had to intervene when a driver tried to overtake a trainee who was trying to turn right.

    In front of my trainees he started shouting at me “what the fuck did you think you are doing” so I explained I was stopping him from trying to overtake when someone had clearly indicated their intention to turn right.

    He then said he would fucking hurt me if I did not get out of the way (while my trainee was then going to be the next person in his path).

    When I got my phone out to take a photo he asked if I “fucking want to die and then i’ll take your camera”. I politely declined this offer and he then sped off.

    I returned the kids to their school, reported the incident to the relevant staff and then went to the nearest police station to report the incident.

    Advice from the help desk was that it would have been better to report this via 999 as an emergency, as the car would then have been circulated to all patrol cars and would be much more likely to be pulled over. Reporting it via a station downgrades the situation in the eyes of the police.

    I love my job but don’t deserve to have people threaten me in this manner.