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  • Nope not enjoying it. Not enjoying the whole bike to be totally honest, very uncomfortable. I've always just assumed I need a certain size bike, maybe it's time for a bike fit. Think I need an uber t-rex

  • I know the feeling, to be completely honest it's the main reason I got rid of the Jamis, I just couldn't be comfy on it - unlike my Pink rat!

  • @Rikki look on YouTube there is plenty of vids about fitting a bike, it's what I did. Find out where you and you body parts are supposed to be and tinker away. You will never get it perfect but my bake is much nicer to ride now. Oh and @hudsoncjnr is right about concor supercorsa, they are soooo comfy! Also any one tried the lemon meringue Krispy Kreme doughnut? A-maz-ing!


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