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  • Kit list (Unsupported but staying in B&B's, YHA's & Travelodges):
    Carradice Super C Saddlebag (with bagman 2 support)
    Girlfriend had the Carradice Camper Longflap

    Castelli Short Bibs
    Castelli Long Bibs (not worn)
    Rapha Classic Jersey
    Rapha Pro Team Jersey (not worn)
    Castelli Arm Warmers
    Rapha Hardshell
    2 x pairs of socks
    1 x pair of cycling shoes
    1 x pair of flipflops
    1 x pair of off the bike shorts
    Prendas deep winter base layer (only worn off the bike)
    Castelli Winter overshoes (not worn)
    1 x Altura gloves
    1 x Prendas deep winter gloves (not worn)
    2 x cycling caps
    RAB merino under helmet skull cap

    Garmin Edge Touring
    Easy Acc 10000mah charger (for charging stuff at breaks throughout the day)
    Associated cords

    1 x Vittoria Rubino Pro tyre (I had no punctures the whole way - Girlfriend had 1 - amazing tyres)
    2 x Continental spare tubes each
    2 x Lezyne patch kits
    1 x Lezyne multitool
    Front & rear lights
    Lezyne pump
    Prolink Progold chain oil (definitely need oil for rainy days)

    Tooth brush and paste
    Washing leaves (great for washing socks etc)
    Contact lenses & solution
    Sudocrem (for the saddle sores you inevitably get!)


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