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  • Seems to work everywhere else too. I hope race entry fees will be
    sensible too, anything more than a tenner for track league is taking
    the piss for track IMO.

    Judging by prices up at LVV, I wouldn't hold your breath. Best case in point: 1 yr bike storage at LVV-£360 vs 1yr storage at Paris' new National Velodrome-50euros!

    Ignoring costs...if it gets going and is run well, with respectful racers and a decent programme, it'll be f*cking ace over the winter.

  • Ignoring costs...

    Bit difficult that. If it's too pricey to race you won't get a quality field, just those who can afford it. I'm not exactly skint but I would find it hard to justify £60+ a month to ride track league anywhere.

    They shouldn't be looking at the racing side of things as an earner, they have enough corporate and other sessions to do that. This is all speculation anyway until they announce it but I'm not holding my breath.

    And £36 a month or whatever it is for storage is definitely a piss take. It's less than that for a whole season at HH.

  • From what I have heard it looks like a track league is starting soon. LVVP will be running it and not local clubs. However, a LVVP users group is being proposed.


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