• Just a few pointers to help the rides go smoothly. Thanks for reading and please contact me or post any additions edits etc. The Klub Run is not affiliated to any club, hence the K and relies even more so on it's riders skills, knowledge, manners etc. than anything else.

    Gear choice and pace

    The ride is intended to be ridden fixed, a large number of riders will be fixed, we strongly suggest that all riders are fixed for a smoother group. The standard gearing recommended for all rides is somewhere in the mid 60’s which at 90 rpm this gives a pace of 17/18 mph. You will enjoy the ride more if you are fixed and good riders on gears will get bored at this pace. That said, if you are unsure about the pace but are comfortable on making the distance in the allotted time, see the section on riding geared below.


    Lights- These need to be proper night lights. Their purpose is to light up the road ahead not simply for you to be seen. Your front light needs to be strong and remember that if angled too far up will dazzle oncoming cars. When riding in the bunch it is preferred if you dim your front light to reduce glare from the bum of the person ahead and to prevent distracting shadows at the head of the peloton. A simple rear light is sufficient. Too strong on the rear and you dazzle fellow riders, this is becoming an increasing issue so please do not be offended if you are asked to angle your rear light down or if someone puts a strip of tape across the lens to diffuse the glare.

    Spares-make sure you have spare tubes and if low, batteries

    Food- have whatever you need for 30 miles. Just because we are riding at night doesn't mean you need to bring along a supermarket with you. People do like to nibble on the trains home though.

    Comfort- The ride generally pauses every 10-15 miles for a comfort break but shout if you need it to stop sooner, it is likely that you are not the only person.

    Money- Have some. You may need to get home from outside London in a taxi if things go a bit Pete Tong. It has happened before and it will happen again.

    Maps- For your own safety know where you are and how to get home. Some prefer to carry full OS maps or print outs of a large section, I personally have offline maps downloaded to my phone but each man makes his own choice. Maps help you and other riders if you get separated. Garmins are very welcome. Ride leaders are always thankful for route input when they ask for it but find it distracting if everyone bombards them with helpful advice. Maps and garmins should not be used to race off the front independently as this may cause the ride leaders to change the route out of spite.

    Phones- although there is often no coverage it is essential to be in touch. Make sure you have some numbers on the ride if you are new or fearful of being lost. I suggest you pass your number to the ride elders and make sure your phone is charged.

    Shoes- make sure you are clipped in when it is wet and slippery.


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