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    Thorpe Bay Rotary are organising a charity ride to raise money for the new Keyhole Cancer Appeal.

    Foulness island is a small island in Essex which is owned by the Ministry of Defence and used for weapons testing. It is normally not possible to visit it, but once a year there is a charity cycle ride around the island, and this year it's on 31st August. More info is in the link above.

    Register and pay here, the cost is £12.50 -­ikeride-application.html
    I have select 1pm as the start time, so meet there at the start at 1pm.

    We're probably going to get the train - 10:14 Train from Liverpool Street to Wickford (on the Southend line).

    It's a really short ride, but the appeal here is to be going somewhere where you're not normally allowed to go.


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