• I know there is the other thread for what is spoiling your day, but for the most part I love this job.

    A friend of mine bought a bike a few weeks ago and has been riding everywhere. Last week I bumped into him and he had done all kinds of nonsense to his bike, chopping down the handlebars, twisting the risers forwards and moving his brake and gear levers to a near impossible position to reach.

    We were riding together from Richmond to Kingston and after about ten minutes I had to stop, because I found his riding terrifying and his position on the bike looked so awkward. He let me readjust his controls and saddle and we then had a conversation. I asked him a few leading questions about things like car doors, where did he believe he ought to be on the road, who has right of way. He was under quite a few misapprehensions. Ten minutes later we were on our way, he did not start off on the pavement, took a primary position through road narrowings and past parked cars.

    A day later I got a text saying how much safer and more aware he now felt. Saturday we saw each other and he was still effusive about our conversation. Tonight we rode from Richmond to Kingston again, and it was amazing to see how much of what we had discussed had been completely assimilated. He could not believe the difference in drivers behaviour and was very clear that drivers were giving him the clearance he gives himself. Cars don't pass him as close anymore, he feels much safer but he did say he had been called a cunt 3 times in the last week by drivers, but at least they were giving him a lot more room.

  • Sweet one James.
    Bit wasted from today but will share some soon.
    Kids best joke of today -why did the hedgehog cross the road?
    To see his flatmate.
    Ba dum tish.