• Seeing so many people in London still riding in the gutter, squeezing in a small gap left past lorries and buses while filtering... stopping at lights with a foot on the kerb one behind the other while the rest of the ASL is empty...cyclists riding in the car door zone
    ...after decades of training cyclists in London. How long will it take for the message to get though

  • Feel your pain D.
    Look at it this way, even all this ride london weekend activity, other summer stuff contributes to that glacial pace culture change U.K - and YOU propel the furthering of independent active travel by bike the most, even if there are more choppers and nodders riding about unskillfully London leads the way with change.
    Regions have to follow, we have way fewer riders on road but you have the numbers already, its the way of things, have faith in your mission you must


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