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  • Oh you lucky, lucky thing. Well jel as they say.
    The people I am cycling with have a support vehicle which carries all our gear to the campsite, and obviously support you during the ride. Yes, to the proper map.

    Not too worried about the weather, I want to feel the wind in my hair, the rain on my face and enjoy the scenery of such a fantastic place.

    Did you honestly expect Hartside to be anything else but knar? That's why there is a cafe selling homemade cakes at the top.

  • Heh. No i didn't expect anything else. Cloud base at 400 metres is something to become used to in the U.K
    Theres a new phrase im liking more than shredding the knar- the Mountain Weather Information Service say 'pulses' of rain, yep, just about sums it up.


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