• I've finally replaced the indevidual keys on the keyboard that were affected. To do so I purchased a new keyboard for 40 notes. I now have a brand new keyboard with backlight with five missing buttons, any ideas on how I can recoup some of the 40?

    Double fu*k up!

    1. I spilt water over my girlfriends macbookpro 13 keyboard….I instantly tipped it on to it's right side to let the water run off.

    2. after dabbing the water off the keyboard with kitchen paper I then had the bright idea of steaming the water out using a hair dryer. Then I melted four of the keys on the keyboard!!!

    Jesus Christ on a Bike!!!

    So the laptop still turns on and off in full operation and the keys still work although all warped.

    A replacement keyboard online will cost me £40 plus jewel screw driver set, I'm quite technically able so should be able to switch keyboard out (I used to be a PC technician, never replaced a macbook keyboard before though). Is there anything else I need to be doing????


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