• Just realised I'm getting confused with mule bars here. Not tried torq except a couple of gels

    No I make biscuits,

    300g honey, 150g oats, 150g oat bran, 300g flower, 300g olive oil spread, 2 teaspoons baking soda.

    Heat honey and oil until mixed & mix the dry-stuffs together (flower oats and oat bran).

    Then pour half the dry mix into the wet mix, then put flavouring (mixed fruits and berries for me), then mix in the rest of the dry mix.

    Make ping pong size ball then squidge them on to a baking tray and cook until brown at 200ish degrees.

    Honey can be swapped for sugar and oil for butter but they wont be as healthy.

    Good for the road as honey is fast release berries are fast but slower than honey then oats are slower but last a while.

    and biscuits are firmer than flapjacks so don't fall apart so much.


    The olive oil mentioned in the receipt should be olive oil spread not actual oil else it's wayyyy too greasy


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