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  • I don't own a car but am a member of Zipcar and occassionally drive. I do it so rarely I still find it a novelty and enjoy it, even stuck in traffic, provided the car has a stereo. I treat it like a game, can I get through the day without being stung. I'm sure if you drive daily or for a living this is how it feels, which must eventually become a massive PITA.

    With temperatures on buses and underground trains this week reported at 34-35c I absolutely will not use them, I even find cycling too hot in this weather and many times this week have longed for a car with air conditioning, and would have happily sat in one pootling along at 3mph no matter how much it cost.

    Though modern cars are very economical and reliable, filling up with fuel never ceases to make me gasp in horror at the cost , I can't help but think what else I'd rather spend that money on.

    I agree driving near schools at opening and closing times is a major ball ache, schools need to introduce big playground nets and cars need to develop child cannons to fire out children as parents drive past the school without slowing.

    On the whole driving in London is like playing with fire, you will get burned eventually. I have no idea but I'd guess the % of regular London drivers that have never had a parking ticket, been clamped, fined for driving in a bus lane, jumped a red light or been done for speeding is very small. My parents no longer drive to come and visit me instead choosing the train due to being stung by a few of the above, and I consider them careful, considerate drivers. They have also had their car broken into twice, depsite it containing nothing stealable of any value.

    Contrary to what Blue Quinn says it seems to me everyone in the countryside drives at at least 60 and most men under 50 go a lot faster than this. I think this maybe because my parents live in Powys which to my knowledge has no fixed speed cameras (just signs saying they do). Driving nirvana or blood donor heaven?

    All speed limits are not interpreted as the max speed but rather the speed you should travel at. As a cyclist I am much more fearful for my safety when cycling in the countryside than I am cycling in London which my family can't fathom. Pensioners dawdle along at 40mph, and are treated with the same contempt by other motorists as caravaners, speed may kill but driving too slow makes others want to kill you.


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