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  • this is trolling, right?

    Nobody takes notice of, or drives at, speed limits anymore. On country lanes people do 40mph all the time, whether the limit is 30 or 60. People are either ignorant of the NSL or just willfully obstructive. They also then get shirty if you dare to overtake. Listen, mate, it's not my fault you are too poor to afford petrol. Speed the fuck up or get out of my way.

    Same is true on motorways. 10 years ago when I had my Rover I would be overtaken by everything when I drove at 70. Nowadays I'm overtaking everyone else. Why do they all now pootle along at 60? This is especially odd when you consider just how much more refined and powerful modern cars are.

    I like my car a lot, and I much prefer cars to trains, but driving is still a chore. I'd much rather be on my bike.


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