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  • I can only comment as a professional shotgun caller, but I can say without a doubt that queuing in traffic jams is a horrendous pain. Also, petrol is not nearly as tasty a fuel as a chocolate bar, but that doesn't seem to work on cars.

    Driving's much less pleasurable than even ten years back, I think. Much more traffic and, almost as bad, much more in the way of parked cars, making some city streets a real nightmare to negotiate.

    'Rural' driving hasn't changed much in my experience but everyone does seem to go a lot faster. The big issue in some places is the closure of rural petrol stations over the past decade.

    It's pricey but then again you have to compare that against a time not all that long ago when cars were a real luxury item, instead of something every family has two or three of. They're still very affordable, too affordable for sustainability really.


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