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  • Any updates, Fox? Work stand arrived/ installed yet?

    Yes, sorry, I'm not very good at threads, I tend to start them then forget all about them.

    Here is the workstand in action:

    Since the last update I fitted the infrared heater, but originally I fitted it a bit far out so it was a bit too intense (it's quite a big heater in a small space).

    I moved it back a bit and reconfigured things and now it's fine (as long as you don't look at it):

    Here it is switched on. It looks more red in real life but you can't capture that with a digital camera it turns out:

    Also since the last update I have been trying to get this thing actually finished! It's been just over a year now since we got the builders in to do the first stage. So we thought we'd get them in again to finish it off.

    Latex floor poured nice and flat:

    Cork flooring being laid (weird mobile phone pic as I forgot to take a proper one). The two brick 'steps' you can see on the left meant that there wasn't a straight edge to run the floor against so my builder ran some wood along the edge:

    Then came back today and put cement in between the wood and the wall, which should be quite neat when it's painted:

    When that's done it just needs trim/bead along the edges to finish it off, we've got some in white to match the wall.

    It turns out Quick Step make this, so I felt a bit guilty for not supporting pro cycling when I bought B&Q own brand. But they didn't have any Quick Step in white.

    Sorry Cav :/


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