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  • really glad non-vegans post in here, of course you're welcome!

    and though i've had flack off oliver before for only ever talking about food when i meet up with other vegan forumers, as an anthropologist it's very interesting to me. veganism is a multifaceted behemoth of a topic and though i think everyone who contributes regularly to this thread is both respectful and articulate, most of the time it's just easier to share or request recipes, talk about vegan food joints in the city, or post poor quality close-up instagram pictures of food (apologies).

    also everyone hates to be this guy, surely

    clockwork_killa had a thought about doing another vegan food ride soon? hit up loads of different places, open to suggestions. it's always nice to pool knowledge re: unexpected or unknown food options in london, makes it easier when going out with friends or family and your options have increased >^.^<


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