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  • ^ Oops! Well, it's not unhealthy :)

    Sorethroat, I had a similar worry when I posted on the mums and dads thread the other day - then thought, I'm not trolling or spamming or anything, and besides, if none of us posted in threads that didn't strictly apply to us, this forum would be dull.

    It's interesting you say you feel better. That's good. What is stopping you from doing it for good?

    I've never really thought about the health benefits, at least, that has never motivated my abstinence from eating/using animal products, though I do find the idea of ingesting animal products pretty disgusting and dirty. My background has taught me that it can be part of a very bad eating disordered lifestyle.

    It is common for people with eating disorders to be vegan or veggie, or say they are, and as a result, when treated in hospital, they are encouraged or forced to eat meat and dairy in order to regain weight. Basically, veganism is part of anorexia, to them.

    Anyone is free to be a 'dietary vegan' rather than an 'ethical' and 'environmental' but I do find it a bit odd when some people use a vegan diet as a weight loss/detox programme without really caring about the animals or environment.

    In fact, it's interesting how much talk there is of food on this thread lately when food is just one facet of the vegan outlook and lifestyle. Not a criticism, just my observation.

    It's funny, I never felt bad in the first place but my girlfriend is almost vegan (will have eggs/milk occasionally) and my diet naturally fell in sync with hers. I'm pretty sure I will continue eating this way for the foreseeable future but I'm aware that I'm mainly motivated by selfish reasons i.e. the way it makes me feel. Caring about the environment is a separate thing for me and I never thought about how not eating meat or using animal products might be environmentally beneficial but I'm glad it is.


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