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  • Make your own!
    So easy:
    Get dates, chop them fine.
    Then your base is Soy Protein powder* + regular porridge oats

    • unsalted unsugared Peanut Butter (slightly heated up to make it more runny, and smooth is much better).
      Get some other dried fruits, and lightly chop these and some extra nuts.
      (an optional extra that is quite handy is coconut oil)
      Add the dates (you need quite a lot of them) and the peanut butter to a trusty blender till quite pasty (add the coconut oil at this point).
      Pour over the oat and soy protein powder, add the chopped dry fruit and nuts, (add any additional flavouring you want), and get stuck in with your hand till its all Clif bar consistency.
      Transfer to a container, squash it right down, and into the fridge for 12hrs.

    *or any vegan protein powder, soy is the least unpleasant I've found so far.

    (rough ideas of weights: 300g peanut butter: 150g protein: 400g oats: 100g(+) dates: 50ml coconut oil. But you need to play and change the recipe till you get the consistency you want (and the flavour))

    This sounds absolutely brilliant and probably much cheaper than trek bars etc. Should last for ages as well.


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