• Let's see your Dave Yates, and I'll show you mine.

    We're currently a four-Yates household so I thought I start a thread in his honour. I'll post pics of mine shortly.

    Got a couple of bikes decalled with other marques that I gather may be built by Dave. You Joe Waugh owners let's see those too! I know he builds custom things for Condor, he was making Paris Galibier with super fancy lug extentions on it when I collected my 'winter' bike from him in 2010. My Condor 853 mtb I just bought from SammyDodger is apparently one of his. I like the very light fillet brazing on that, our tagalong and my winter bike, it's very minimal.

    My winter bike is the most lively, comfortable and enjoyable ride I have, just lovely.


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