London Open 2012 - August 25th and 26th
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London Open 2012 - August 25th and 26th

August 25th and 26th. £30 per team. No cap on the number of teams.

Three courts (36m x 22m) in Bethnal Green Gardens.
Swiss Rounds (or seeded groups) for qualification on day one.
Double Elimination on day two.

Thursday evening there will be a Polocat and welcome party.
Friday will be Hell's Belles Vol. 2 at the same location across all three courts.
Saturday and Sunday is the LO (9am to 9pm).

This is going to be one of the largest bike polo tournaments of the year, don't miss it!

LHBPA page
Facebook page
LOBP page

The major sponsors (without whom the event wouldn't be possible) are:

Other sponsors (thank you for your support) are:

Prize givers and friends of the event include:

Registered teams (since last edit):
01. Spring Break, London (Adam, Jono, Ryan)
02. The Hazers, Bielefeld (Daniel, David, Nils)
03. Tiny Little Puppies, East Van (Shannon, Max, Geoffrey)
04. Schnick Schnack Schnuck, Canterbury (Kristian, Adam, Mark)
05. Alliance of Loose, Dortmund/Bielefeld (Michael, Patrick, Felix)
06. Tornadoes, London (Erin, Nik, Jo) - Unpaid
07. Yeah Baby, Dublin (Stevie, Kropa, Alex) - Unpaid
08. Swiss Steez, Geneva/Seattle/Lexington (Quentin, Cody, Chris)
09. Passed It, London (Bill, Joe, Ben)
10. Better with Vodka, Warsaw/Australia (Sabicat, Rob, Yohei)
11. Mix, Eindhoven/Japan (Deesk, Mambo, Jamal)
12. 5G, Manchester (Neil, Andy, Emyr)
13. M.M.A Polo, Pittsburgh/Louisville/San Fran (Ady, Matt, Machine)
14. TBC, Berlin (Gitti, Marc, Michi)
15. Rabble Rousers, Bristol/USA (Andre, Aaron, Christian)
16. Yank Your Wank, Seattle/Como (Joey, Koyo, Nick)
17. Bromance, Australia (Ned, Scott, Ollie)
18. Acapolo, Brighton (Paul, Julian, Liam)
19. TBD, Milwaukee (Brian, Joe, Julian) - Unpaid
20. The Bisons, Budapest (Gabor, Dodi, David)- Unpaid
21. Where's the slip and slide, Lexington (Chris, Eric, TBD)
22. TBC, JAX/Poland (Cherri, Agata, Tony)
23. Oooh, that’s a bingo! Hamburg (Alex, Phil, David)
24. Edisons, Frankfurt/Munich (Eddy, Mo, David)
25. MUM LOVERS, Nantes (Flo, Norbert, Alejandro) - Unpaid
26. MALAKA, Vicenza-treviso (Mattia, Centocanesio, Punch)
27. Polonauten, Wendelstein (Jürgen, Svenja, Stefan)
28. Your Mum, Bristol/Budapest (Juan, Sophie, Caspar)
29. Team Warin, Bristol (Robbie, Alfie, Tim)
30. Yomoyo, London (Louis, James Arunas)
31. Risky Business, Birmingham (Mya, Matthew, Neil)
32. Team DoucheBag, Brixton/Yorkshire/Canada (Blob Fish, Josh Tree, Squirrel)
33. Cocorico, Paris (Hugo, Marc, Seabass)
34. Steve Wonder Polo Club, Barcelona (Esteve, Pablo, Juanma)
35. PSG, Paris/Seattle/Geneva (Greg, Dustin, Clement)
36. Gettin' Wild, Cambridge (Josh, Lee, Hayden)
37. BCC Polo, Frome/Somerset (Ryan, Mark, Dan)
38. Party Illuminati, Cambridge/Newmarket (Edd, Shane, Dan)
39. Liquid Yellow Tiger Horse, Chanchester (Rince, Salman, Andy
40. The F-ing Metric System, Brisbane/Berlin (Domenico, Robert, Johannes)
41. Poloski, Krakow/London (Stan, Piotr, Lish)
42. Sloots, London (Alex, Felix, Ben)
43. La Crème, Milwaukee/Rouen/Paris (Will, Max, Kremin)
44. Max Hardcourt, Sydney/Adelaide (Virginia, Colin, Locky)
45. Schultz/Dill/Kev, MIDWEST OG (Ben, Brian, Kevin)
46. DOG SOCCER! Sydney (Brook, Morgan, Stephen)
47. Antlers, London/Newcastle (Mark, Matt, Oliver)
48. Technically Cascadia, Vancouver/Seattle/Melbourne (Max, Damon, Suzy)
49. TBD, Tokyo/Osaka/Karlsruhe (Riki, Tatsuya, Oliver)
50. Mastodon, Bordeaux/Rouen/Paris (Robinou, Quentin, Alex)
51. Wasted Talent, Zürich/Frankfurt/xy (Tobi, Anna, xy)
52. Fenwicks, Oxford/Glasgow (Dan, Dan, Steven)
53. Le BigMac, LDN (Chukker, Mayeut, Sean)
54. Be right on, Brighton/London (Jamie, Chris, Dave)
55. Black Stabbath, Birminagham (Fin, Andy, TBA)
56. JLS, London/Manchester (John, Stephen, Andy)
57. Kim Jong-Il Memorial Society, London (George, Nick, Cem)
58. APOLLO 3, Warsaw (Przemek, Kubacki, Maciek) - Unpaid
59. Los Manguis, Barcelona (Camilo, Francesc, Marcos)
60. Skull Attack, Cardiff (Paul, Osian, Alejandro)
61. Butterfly Tits, Ottawa/Chicago/Seattle (Robbie, Julian, Joe) - Unpaid
62. Team Sensible, Edinburgh (Jonas, Colin, Stephen)
63. TBD, Geneva/Manchester/Seattle (Adam, Jojo, Valley)
64. Puzzels, Hamburg/Hamburg/Münster (Andy, Fips, Flo)
65. KINGS, London (Kevin, Pique, Kibble)
66. TBD, Toronto/Lyon/Paris (Ngaihon, Martin, Quentin) - Unpaid
67. Simon Says, Antwerp (Nicky, Jaouad, Chris)
68. مجنون (Crazy), Vienna/Edinburgh (Miguel, Marcus, Leo)
69. Sirens, London (Zoe, Helen, Julia)
70. TROIKA, Birmingham (Dan, Chris, Lucas)
71. Super Fly, Dublin (Shane, Johnny, TBA) - Unpaid
72. 1/2 Watt Oranges, Eindhoven/Arnhem (Bram, Lorenzo, Rutger)
73. Shuffle Kurfuffle, London/MCR/Bristol (Jess, Rob, Richard)
74. The Balls, Manchester (Sylwia, Emma, Andy)
75. Cosmic, London (Mat, Rupert, Todd)
76. Ponkey Munch, Germany (Florian, Max, Carsten) - Unpaid
77. TBC, TO/Munster/Seattle (Maija, Mackenzire, Johanna) - Unpaid
78. Mervyn King's Wet Dream, London (James, Josh, Ali)
79. Eye of the Liger, London/Melbourne (Dale, B, Super Aids) - Unpaid
80. Dead Rappers, London (Emmet, Brendan, Luca)
81. Sac Magique, Canterbury (Daniel, Thom, Harry)

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woo! HGS are so in
(fingers crossed no car crashes)
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John H
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Bikepunx.de event:

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Cheers John!
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LOBP page 'access denied'

looks great though, can't wait to play again.
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I think it's awaiting moderation from Kev (the tournament is public).
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Brilliant to hear you got BG Gardens sorted.
Nice one, well done Jono, your energy is endless!

Bit more of a squeeze than Downs but I think it will attract a decent number of spectators and the atmosphere will be great. The bigger courts too will make for some fast games.

Hope it's seeded groups. Less wait between games.
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OO exciting.
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snottyotter's Avatar
Did you got more sponsors?
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pootsmanuva's Avatar
Whoa! That's a lot of polo in a weekend!

*adds to diary*
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Turd Fergurson
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Hyper Allahdonor
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Epic. Great work.
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Nice one Jono!
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Sandy_l's Avatar

*say in a Tree type way
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Crack Fox
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This will be amazing well done !
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wecked jono ,,lots of polo
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Pablo from Barcelona is looking for a team. Give me a shout if you want his email.

Great player, scored two winning goals against Kings in Madrid and put in a stirling performance at last years Euros.
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and he never stops smiling!
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Super nice dude.
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Old 20th May 2012   #23
3p Daniel
hey dudes, it´s daniel from 3pmh.de, i wonder if we could sponsor some gifts for the london open?
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Old 20th May 2012   #24
JonoMarshall's Avatar
Sure Daniel, email coming your way now.
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Cross-post from the LO2012 Facebook page:

Originally Posted by Matt Bailey
Trying to get the ball rolling for a team for this, possible a few folks from Ky coming, but not sure. I wanna make sure i have my team figured out before its to late. Hit me up if interested in forming something.
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Last edited by M A X; 21st May 2012 at 17:12. Reason: FYI
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The 26th is my birthday!
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Old 28th May 2012   #29
Maybe a bit premature/rude to ask, but is there any arranged housing or is that for every players own account?
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JonoMarshall's Avatar
Definitely premature.

Housing will be prioritized for the most travelled teams, we'll try and find some sort of deal/option for anyone that cannot be housed.
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Khornight2's Avatar
Camping on site?

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JonoMarshall's Avatar
Camping in central London is a big no no, we'd have to hold a protest (or similar), I don't think it would go down very well with Tower Hamlets!
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Old 28th May 2012   #33
dublinkevin's Avatar
there's an occupy campsite at finsbury square.
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Old 28th May 2012   #35
haha what!? let's get some south london tents pitched then, louie.
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Old 28th May 2012   #36
JonoMarshall's Avatar
Nice link B, I've emailed them.
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Old 1st June 2012   #37
I'm so looking forward to this, you guys have no idea.
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Old 1st June 2012   #38
stan.from.krakow's Avatar
As always, I'll probably be coming earlier to earn my way for the Open, however this year the police is cracking down on pedicab drivers, any ideas what kind of job I could try for a few weeks? (not necessarily cycling)
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Old 14th June 2012   #39
Bruno F
I am trying to make my way,it will be so amazing,however I don't have a team yet.I'm 17 playing 6 hours a week in average since June 2011,but really enthusiastic.Please drop a message if interested.
Otherwise,when can we expect the registration to be opened(without hurrying you)?
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Old 14th June 2012   #40
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Registration opens in June, so there's a couple of weeks to wait (max).
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Old 15th June 2012   #41
it is june
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Old 15th June 2012   #42
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There will be no cap on the number of teams, everyone will be able to register.

Please be patient, it's on the list of things to do.
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Old 15th June 2012   #43
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No, please refrain from making a team list in the thread (people think they've registered when they haven't).

The team list will be updated in the OP as last year (and will be duplicated on LOBP).

[edit] Now it looks like I'm losing my mind. Hello? Echo? Oh dear.

Last edited by JonoMarshall; 15th June 2012 at 14:20.
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woods_alexis's Avatar
Louis its Friday, shouldn't you be on a significant lunch break instead of making lists?
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Old 15th June 2012   #45
Khornight2's Avatar
Sorry Jono, thought the top line made it obvious, but you are right people can be stupid.

If only Alexis, no drinks, although I have had 3 courses.

By the way I'm not a fan of having my posts deleted, if you are a mod, can't you edit the post so people can see what's happened?
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Team registration is now open: http://www.lhbpa.org/lo2012_registration/
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Old 26th June 2012   #47
nny's Avatar
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Old 27th June 2012   #48
nesbit's Avatar
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Old 27th June 2012   #49
Stupidly far in advance, and I'm not sure the rules would allow it, but if anyone needs sub for Sunday, I'm available.
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Old 28th June 2012   #50
All the gear no idea
Mentally far in advance (as above ^ ) but would love to play as a sub for this tourney. Played in Hacked Off last year at the LO and achieved a sun tan. Promise to practice 3 times a week until the tourney and to limit alcohol consumption to improve performance. PM me if you're desperate. Ady
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