2012-02-01 - Rider Down, Old Street and Clerkenwell Road
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2012-02-01 - Rider Down, Old Street and Clerkenwell Road

Just come through Old Street, through Clerkenwell Road. 4 Fire engines, 2 ambulances & police in attendance. Looks like a rider's been sandwiched between a taxi and a tipper truck heading in the direction away from Old St. Bike was still there, mangled between the two vehicles. Think cyclist was still there but didn't want to look too closely. Grim. Thoughts are with the cyclist.
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HatBeard's Avatar
Hope the rider is ok. :(
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Old 1st February 2012   #3
Positive vibes for rider.
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Mrlemon's Avatar
I hope this isn't as bad as it sounds.
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Oliver Schick
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Is that at the Aldersgate Street/Goswell Road junction? It does sound bad. :(
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finger_jockey's Avatar
Yes Oliver, that's the location.

update; http://londonist.com/2012/02/boris-b...lerkenwell.php

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Just heard from LAS; rider's OK, taken to hospital with just cuts and bruises. Lucky guy. Very relieved.
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Yikes! #borisbike accident along Old Street

heal up soon rider!
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Think the driver was being questioned when I passed. Sounds like the rider had a lucky escape.
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Old 1st February 2012   #10

Heal up!
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Cazakstan's Avatar
Terriying photo! Heal up fast Ms/Mr rider!!
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ShannonBall's Avatar
My wife saw this at about 8.40am. It was a lady, about 30. She was on a Cycle Hire bike. She was sandwiched between two wheels as high as her head and despite this managed to crawl over her bars to escape. She was in shock and terrified, as was the HGV driver, who rushed to her to make sure she was OK. As did so many passing cyclists. A highly traumatic near miss. Good to hear she is OK. Well done to all those who came to her aid. Did anyone see if the taxi driver got involved in helping?
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It's unbelievable how many HGVs around during rush hour. Scary stuff.
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Old 2nd February 2012   #14
wow, so please she got out unharmed

@dimi3 Lorries banned in london from 9pm-7am to protect residents against noise at night, so lots hurrying to make deliveries during morning rush hour
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Has anyone ever thought about how much difference some kind of removable grate over those kind of wheels make? It seems pretty logical to me or am i missing something?
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EU plant regulations, I think... I believe those vehicles are exempt from normal regulations because they go off road.

something needs to be done those trucks are terrifying.
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