Rider Down, corner of Fenchurch St and Mincing Lane
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Rider Down, corner of Fenchurch St and Mincing Lane

This is just outside my office. Paramedics and Police are on the scene. Lady cyclist I believe. No further details yet.
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Tipper lorry, apparently.
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MrDrem's Avatar
I was overtaken by one of those earlier today in Wandsworth, tried to squeeze me into a bus, and then shot into the bus land to undertake a taxi and cut up another cyclist.

Hope the lady's not too badly hurt :(
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lardboy's Avatar
Brooks construction lorry turning right into Mincing lane. The rider looks OK, and is obviously conscious as she's holding the breathing apparatus. More attention paid to the legs rather than upper body, which is positive.
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bothwell's Avatar
Cycled past this earlier. Ambulance and cops already on scene so didn't hang around. Front wheel of the bike was folded almost in half and the rider was lying down talking to paramedics.

Actually thought it was a chap rather than a chapette as they were wearing knee-length khaki shorts. Hope things are not too bad.
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Just asked police and they said rider most definitely alive... i have seen these tipper lorries mega thrashing around this area for some months now - this one was was turning right

fingers crossed for chap/ette. The silver mountain bike most def didn't make it.
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Saw the aftermath of this - definitely a male, having his head cradled by a woman and surrounded by rubberneckers. The bike was trashed. Encouraging to hear they seemed OK, it looked rather nasty at the time.
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