Street Talks
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Street Talks

I know some of you have more than a passing interest in politics and conditions for cyclists / the wider state of London transport and city liveability so thought you might be interested in this;



Basically, there's going to be one talk a month, upstairs in the Yorkshire Grey pub, and it is a good chance to hear a decent speaker followed by a few beers, Q&A and a bit of networking.

There are going to be quite a few of these, on a monthly basis and there is a long list of future speakers, so I'll keep you updated on who is speaking in the future, too.

Hope to see some of you there on the 8th of March for the first event.
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Seņor Beardonor
Seņor Bear's Avatar
Is this more suited to the Oliver Schicks of the world than the Hillbillys?
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Old 23rd February 2011   #3
If it helps you make a decision, I'm thinking of going.
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(easy setup)
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Hillbillys (and Germans) both equally welcome! I don't think its meant to be highfalutin, just interesting so if you think its something you'll find interesting come along. It's in a pub so if the speakers don't tickle your fancy you can just attack the bar.
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WjPrince's Avatar
I'm going to come to this with a shameless agenda of talking myself into a new job.

Last edited by WjPrince; 23rd February 2011 at 14:04. Reason: 10 Points to the first person who say barman
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Old 7th March 2011   #7
Just giving this a little bump as it is tomorrow night.
See some of you there!
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Old 12th April 2011   #8
I know it's short notice, but some of you might be interested in Street Talks 2 if you're at a loose end tonight, it's on cycling infrastructure if that floats your boat;


Maybe see some of you there, the last one was good fun (nice ale, too)
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