2011-02-09 - Rider Down momentarily, Holloway Rd
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2011-02-09 - Rider Down momentarily, Holloway Rd

About an hour ago, was stopped at the lights opposite Holloway Rd tube when I hear a bang and look across the road to see a white Genesis Flyer in the air (flying, like).

Surprisingly, by the time I crossed the road, the cyclist was already up on his feet. A bit dazed, limping slightly but no visible damage. The windscreen of the taxi was completely mashed in. Traffic on that side was heavy and slow-moving, they were just accelerating after the lights. Accident was in the inside lane by the central reservation. Didn't really see what happened, so waited for a while until police and ambulance arrived (a witness and the taxi passenger persuaded cyclist to let himself get checked out), and then the guy's cousin, wished him well and went on my way. Astonished he wasn't more injured.

ps. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post so those with the Power please move if not.
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