2010-09-20 possible rider down intersection of Upper St an City Rd, The Angel
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2010-09-20 possible rider down intersection of Upper St an City Rd, The Angel

Rode through the Angel this evening heading into the city about 18:15. Saw an ambulance on the east bound side of Upper St, with a WPC holding someone's bike, a grey hybrid near the back of the ambulance, assuming the rider was in the ambulance. I have no other info. Anyone else see anything?
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I went through there in the opposite direction about 15 mins later. Saw the ambulance with its back doors open (facing away from me so I couldn't see inside) and a police car; there was one ambulance person and 1 (w)pc standing between the two, but they didn't look too busy. Didn't see a bike or any other vehicle. No crowd of onlookers either. Didn't get a great look as a bus decided to race me to the gap around the ambulance, but it didn't look like it was anything serious. Hopefully.
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