Forum Frames with most owners
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Old 1st December 2013   #1
bodieanddoyle's Avatar
Forum Frames with most owners

I'm just interested to know who here owns the frame that's been through most legs.

I have a number of frames/bikes which sadly remain in the UK whilst I'm exiled here in the sandpit, and know very little history of most of them.

The red Giubilato (red fixed conversion) was bought from joe1983.
The Fort (ridden for about three weeks) came from Pistoffski and was sold to Morgasm.
My 853 "black beauty" was purchased from Socialamnesia.
The Kalavinka was ridden by some Korean Keirin dude and purchased from chegas.
The West Ham painted Roberts Lo-Pro came from pajamas.
The Stainless Indy Fabs came from Pistoffski (as well as the Litespeed).
The Nagasawa was from Dick.

My ownership tally isn't so impressive, so who has the frame which has had most owners?
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Old 1st December 2013   #2
606's Avatar
I had a Kona Paddy Wagon (I owned it twice) that has had 5 owners who have been on the forum.
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Old 1st December 2013   #3
bodieanddoyle's Avatar
Blimey. How many different colours has it been?
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Old 1st December 2013   #4
craftybutcher's Avatar
Mine (Harry O) has had three lufgussers but has had many more riders because it was a Herne hire bike

Markgee - rik van looy - me

Last edited by craftybutcher; 1st December 2013 at 11:30.
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Old 1st December 2013   #5
Fahrgestell's Avatar
Eds white bob Jackson?

Ed - metrocammell - me - Jambon - another user
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Old 1st December 2013   #6
edmundro's Avatar
Bartram lopro
dave409787 - me - ewanmac - me - DragunovCZ1
Floated round as a frame unbuilt for yonks until Dragunov finally did it justice.

My old paddywagon had a fair few owners prior to me as well. Still going now I think.
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Old 1st December 2013   #7
pooface's Avatar
Charge Scissor -

EEI - B&D(for 2 mins) - ME - EEI -?

Corrado Track

Pistoffski - ? - nblakeman - tomsvoboda - me
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Old 1st December 2013   #8
shinkuu kiss
shinkuu kiss's Avatar
Les the lo pro
dirkbang - supersonik-zlad - TM - me - veLLo

My other lo pro which I bought off here and sold again recently had one more forum owner in its past I think.
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Old 1st December 2013   #9
1+n's Avatar
Originally Posted by edmundro View Post
My old paddywagon had a fair few owners prior to me as well. Still going now I think.
This is still going strong after Ryan sorted out some issues with it
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Old 1st December 2013   #10
Irishane's Avatar
Was that the blue one with rear brake cable guides hacked off? I bought that in Dublin and took it with when I moved over. If so;

guy from gumtree that got a bit excited with a hacksaw ->irishane->edmundro->1+n?
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Old 1st December 2013   #11
mechanical_vandal's Avatar
I've sold a few frames on here. Wonder if any will crop up in this. Most notable would be a Fuji Track that'd been rawed then painted with a glittery lacquer and an old Puch that had had the forward facing horizontal dropouts chopped off and 'track ends' bolted (yes bolted) on in their place. Anyone admitting to owning either?

Last edited by mechanical_vandal; 1st December 2013 at 20:51.
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Old 1st December 2013   #12
ncjlee's Avatar
My Argos lo pro's been through many forum hands I think.
First spotted on eBay by jambon
Then Pistoffski
Then krakenfelt
Then jammy
Then The Crane

Then ncjlee
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Old 2nd December 2013   #13
s785's Avatar
Isn't there a road bike thats been... the village bicycle? Ridden by all and sundry hur hur hur. Branded something like movoc or similar...?

I have a mongoose maurice frame I bought off andypancake which his girlfriend rode for a bit. That's not much of a chain.
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Old 2nd December 2013   #14
edmundro's Avatar
The cuntster must've had a fair few owners too I'm sure. I had it on loan off photoben for a while, think it had a couple of owners before and since.
Don't think it was the same cuntster as hippy's though.
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Old 2nd December 2013   #15
LongAndWinding's Avatar
I bought my Pinarello Monviso from TricityBendix, refurbed and then sold to Wicksie ...
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Old 4th December 2013   #16
rogan's Avatar
My Bob

? -> plexarice -> tutu -> me
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