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Old 13th December 2012   #1351
Fundraising officer post going at Living Streets:
Old 20th December 2012   #1352
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Advertising job for the company that makes Dig/Ride/RCUK etc magazines
Old 21st December 2012   #1353
Two Omegas
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I've been temping here for the last 3 weeks as an office manager and they have a number of roles available:

It's bike friendly (the CEO has come in on a Raleigh Team Banana, some sort of full sus job, and also has a Felt F3), and seemed to me like a good place to work. It's just round the corner from where the Rapha pop-up used to be, apparently they used to use it like a 2nd meeting room!

If anyone wanted a bit more info on what it's like to work there, I'd be happy to meet up. I don't know too much about the technical side of things so can't help with that but I can say that, despite it being the end of a massive year for them, and having some big releases due in the run up to Christmas, the morale was really excellent though people were tired and they seem to look after and value their staff.

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Old 3rd January 2013   #1354
Bit niche but sounds quite fun:

Hello everyone,

Six months ago, 38 Degrees launched beta testing of our new Campaigns by You platform ( The platform allows people to set up and run their own petitions.

After a successful testing period we are now preparing to move Campaigns by You out of beta phase. We’re looking for a freelancer to work for one month to help with campaign support during the transitional period. Here’s an outline of some of the projects the freelancer would be working on:

- Supporting the move of 38 Degrees’ Campaigns by You platform out of beta testing phase
- Putting in place new operational structures to increase the support capacity of the Campaigns by You team

- During the transition period:

- Providing support and strategic advice to 38 Degrees members who start petitions via phone and email
- Working with and supervising volunteers to support campaigns
- Contributing to wiki and “campaigning tips & guides” resources
- Monitoring the media and identifying opportunities for press coverage for member-started campaigns

The key skills/experience we’d require are:

- 6 months - 2 years’ experience of online campaigning, particularly working with social media
- Good understanding of campaign strategy
- Creative and willing to “think outside the box” on campaign tactics
- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
- Good interpersonal skills

We’d like someone to start full time as soon as possible, ideally the week starting the 7th of January. Day rates could be discussed upon application. Please get in touch with Alex Lloyd if you're interested in the position on either 07921706185, or Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone else you think might suit the position.


Nothing to do with me btw, just passing on.
Old 3rd January 2013   #1355
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Coffee peeps, the cafe I work for (long white cloud, hackney rd) is looking for staff:

"We are looking for lovely staff to work weekends and evenings. If you have coffee experience and food prep skills please email your cv to - we look forward to hearing from you!"
Old 4th January 2013   #1356
Any bike mechanics in Cambridge?

"Outspoken are currently looking for a Head Bike Mechanic. Interested?"

Nothing to do with me, but I used to work for them and they are good guys.
Old 8th January 2013   #1357
arvy's Avatar
Sys admin (entry level) within a team of 6
Application support

Both specs here (soon)

Based City.

Mention my name if you apply - it is in your interest
Old 9th January 2013   #1358
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I've seen this on t'internet today - great if anyone wants to travel the world and test water slides....
Old 9th January 2013   #1359
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Just seen this on the Evans Cycles Facebook page

R2W coporate sales executive
Old 9th January 2013   #1360
PQR's Avatar
Bit O/T but does anyone know a good plasterer in South London as I need some work done?
Old 9th January 2013   #1361
gralegav's Avatar

Wanted: Bar or restaurant work wanted in Manchester, for 20 year old with lots of experience. Reliable, trustworthy etc. V flexible, have managed people and held keys. Long shot I know, but let me know if there's anything around.
Old 10th January 2013   #1362
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Looking for a Cancer Informatics Analyst, Central London.

Decent SQL and other technical skills required, plus a decent understanding / experience of healthcare informatics and clinical quality.

PM me for details
Old 14th January 2013   #1363
Nothing to do with me but might be good for someone on here.

Ashden is recruiting for a Communications Assistant

Effective communication is at the heart of our mission. This vacancy offers someone with enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity to join our small team and help us raise awareness of the Ashden Awards and our winners and build a vision of a low-carbon future. It offers the right person the opportunity to learn more about green energy as well as to develop their communications skills.
Essential skills
• Good degree or relevant on-the-job experience.
• Excellent writing skills for a variety of applications – online and print.
• Strong verbal communication skills.
• Excellent understanding of the internet and social media, with some experience or aptitude to learn how to maintain and update website content.
• Project management skills: ability to work with minimum supervision, managing time and information.
• Good administrative skills.
• IT experience.
• Commitment to and knowledge of environmental and development issues.
• At least one year's communications or PR experience.
• Strong database and Excel skills.

Set up in 2001, Ashden rewards, supports and champions green energy trailblazers across the developing world and in the UK, from solar lighting in rural Bangladesh and smokeless stoves in Eritrea, to low-carbon buildings and sustainable schools in the UK. With a prestigious Annual Awards ceremony, we highlight the life-changing benefits green energy can deliver and do our utmost to encourage the growth of our Award winners' enterprises and of the sector in general.
Download the full job description at

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter to
Salary: 25,000 pa full time, plus generous pension and benefits
Deadline: 12pm 25 January 2013
Interviews will be held on 7 February 2013
Old 16th January 2013   #1364
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Vanilla Cycles are looking for a frame building trainee
Old 17th January 2013   #1365
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Shame on't other side of planet
Old 18th January 2013   #1366
Global Poverty Project UK are looking for a Digital Comms Assistant for three months; it's only London Living Wage (8.55ph I think) but sounds like an interesting role if you're into that kind of thing. Unfortunately they clearly hate the internet as they've sent me a PDF with the info. If you want to see if PM me your email address; they've just extended the closing date till Monday so I suspect they haven't had tons of applicants.
Old 21st January 2013   #1367
rhb's Avatar

Mountain Biking Development Manager (22,958 - 26,276) Two Year Fixed Term Contract
This is an exciting position requiring an experienced cycling coach with vision, strategic skills and a driving passion to make the new trails network in Clayton Vale and the skills area in Philips Park fulfil their potential. Working in conjunction with key partners, the successful candidate will take charge of all aspects of developing a comprehensive activity programme for the new trails, which will offer a clear and effective pathway for cyclists to develop their skills in this exciting sport. If you are customer focused, have the ambition and desire to take on one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, positions in mountain biking,
Old 23rd January 2013   #1368
Trip Fontane
Mountain bike ranger for the forestry commission...
Old 28th January 2013   #1369
Cafe manager at Stepney City Farm. If I knew anything about cafes I would totally go for that.
Old 28th January 2013   #1370
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^ similarly Look Mum No Hands need a few new people. If you have experience preparing food and don't mind working with a load of nut cases then hand in your CV in the cafe.
Old 28th January 2013   #1371
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are the nutcases behind the counter or in front of it ...... or both ?
Old 28th January 2013   #1372
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Old 28th January 2013   #1373
Looking for a Junior Web Designer / Developer.
If you want a creative stepping stone and are good with design and coding.
Details here Beyond Retro Vintage Clothing. PM me if applying.

Retail Supply and Warehouse Manager - and warehouse job going as well.

Both Jobs gone.

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Old 28th January 2013   #1374
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Looking for sales people in B2B and B2C. NOW

Myself and Nurseholiday work here.
Its a cyclist heavy company.
there is a C2W scheme.

V.good pay.

PM me for details
Old 28th January 2013   #1375
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Scrapper - YHM
Old 30th January 2013   #1376
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now sorted.

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Old 31st January 2013   #1377
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Old 31st January 2013   #1378
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apollo, I'm contacting you about this on the book of face.
Old 31st January 2013   #1379
!Nhattattack!'s Avatar
Also, if anyone is a physio and wants to go on an adventure (RAAM), then can you PM me?
Old 31st January 2013   #1380
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Originally Posted by !Nhattattack! View Post
apollo, I'm contacting you about this on the book of face.
got it, look forward to hearing form her, thanks.
Old 31st January 2013   #1381
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Unix Sysadmin - Permanent

Based in Oxford (Cowley)

Not sure of salary yet but probably c30-35k

Linux and Solaris mostly.
Dell Blades and SAN
Postgres/MySQL useful (as would Oracle)

Working in a small team (with me - although I am based in Bath) for a small ish, decent company (~200 staff) with a very good boss (NOT me!)

Role has yet to be advertised, as only just found out colleague is leaving (on good terms btw)
Old 1st February 2013   #1382
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Plasterer, South London - if anyone has them skillz then please PM me. Can pay in cash, beers and bike related chat
Old 1st February 2013   #1383
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Does anyone fancy employing me as a translator and/or writer, even on a freelance basis?
  • Fluent French and German
  • 5+ years translation experience (all major SW packages)
  • 4 years B2B multilingual IT marketing experience for a huge blue chip
  • 2 years content writing experience in the above role (English only)
  • Set to complete MA in Linguistics at UCL by September
Old 2nd February 2013   #1384
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I'm going to need someone shortly to work on an SQL database, adding in some new fields, changing the names of others, and setting up 3-5 reports to run off the database. It's more a pocket money freelance job than full time or regular employment, but there might be some ongoing maintenance you could help with too. If there is anyone on here who might be interested please get in touch.
Old 6th February 2013   #1385
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If you know your way round a bike, and like Planet Rock Radio....
Old 10th February 2013   #1386
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I'm hiring, apprentice / trainee software test engineer wanted for financial services industry consultancy. If you're sharp as a tack but haven't quite worked out what you want to do with your career, if you're a real problem solver and want a challenge, then get in touch by pm.
Old 11th February 2013   #1387
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I'm currently looking for a job.

"I am looking for a position in the Architecture industry to further progress my professional career. I am proficient in Auto CAD and Sketchup although my computing skills allow me to pickup and learn other programs quickly, in addition I enjoy free-hand sketching and physical model making. I have managed projects in my previous job roles and have developed good business relationships with clients and contractors. My ambition is to work in urban design and master planning, looking at a wider context and at a larger scale."

I'm a Part I Architect and looking for an opportunity as an Architectural Assistant, Junior Architect, Urban Design Assistant. I have 35 months experience with an Architects firm as Office Manager and Architectural Assistant.

I'm living in Ireland at the moment but will relocate to anywhere in the world for a good opportunity.

I can email my CV if there happens to be any interest.

Old 11th February 2013   #1388
We are now recruiting a Pope for our Holy See in Rome Italy.

This is a key operational position so experience of facilities management in a commercial environment, whilst ensuring exceptional customer and client experience, is essential. You will have responsibility for delivering a high level of service to our customers. Love of Humanity especially the young is vital.

This role would suit an already established psychopath who is looking for the opportunity to take responsibility for the Holy Roman Empire. Plenty of support will be available but excellent communication & decision making skills are essential and infallibility a plus. The successful applicant would also be required to wear a selection of lovely frocks (provided) and be prepared to work Sundays.

If you would like the chance to join the Holy See, with all the exciting opportunities and challenges such an undertaking will bring then we would really like to hear from you. For a full job description and to apply for this role, please click the apply button.
Old 11th February 2013   #1389
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Old 15th February 2013   #1390
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Originally Posted by fred View Post
I'm hiring, apprentice / trainee software test engineer wanted for financial services consultancy. If you're sharp as a tack but haven't quite worked out what you want to do with your career, if you're a real problem solver and want a challenge, then get in touch by pm.
Position still open, please get in touch if you think you might want to explore this opportunity.

Thanks also to everyone who's made contact so far.
Old 20th February 2013   #1392
A little off-topic but we have some desk space available in our office in London Fields - Unit 15, The Laundry, 2/18 Warburton Road, London E8 3FN

Each desk is 220 pcm, which includes rent, service charge, business rates, heating/electricity, internet/landline and cleaner. There's 24 hour access, secure bike parking and showers. Basically no hidden extras...

If you want pictures PM me and I can send some over to you
Old 26th February 2013   #1393
ActionAid are looking for a freelance web editor for a few months, 150pd. Based in their office in Farringdon. PM for details (nothing to do with me, but it's on a mailing list I'm on).
Old 26th February 2013   #1394
My company (WSP) is looking for Transport Planners / Engineers / Senior engineers / Principal engineers.

Happy to refer you and share the 1500 finders fee...

Transport Planners (Engineer, Senior Engineer Or Principal Engineer)- London

VacancyID: 6348
Location: Europe - UK - London
Type: Permanent
Closing Date:3/15/2013


We are seeking to recruit a Senior or Principal Engineer/Planner to join our Transportation team in London. The Transport Team undertakes largely development planning work specialising in providing advice to private sector and some local authority clients on access and transportation issues and supporting development proposals through the planning process. It works closely our Infrastructure Team, Environmental team and our Property team.


Your key role will be supporting the process towards securing planning applications for sites and to undertake and supply support information during master planning and regeneration projects. You can expect to be active on a number of projects/client accounts at any given time. These can vary in both scale and nature, making the workload extremely interesting. We operate throughout London and the South East of England, as well as on multi-disciplinary international projects. Projects range from small residential developments through to the redevelopment of town centres, sports stadia and major residential regeneration schemes.

The position will be to support the role of senior staff in managing the background work to collate Transport Assessments and other general advice on schemes. It will include the use of technical tools, site investigations, research and reporting and will include client contact and a certain level of business development as appropriate. Some Project Management and financial management experience will be required on individual projects (the level required being dependent upon which role is being applied for) to ensure efficient use of resources and up to date invoicing. The position will report to both a Line Manager and individual Project Directors, although at senior/principal engineer level additional day-to-day support will be provided by our Associates. The postholder will also be responsible for junior staff, including their development and project outputs.



You will have extensive experience of transport planning. Ideally you will be well versed in the preparation of quality Transport Assessments, providing design advice to clients and architects, and supporting information such as Travel Plans. Experience in a range of sectors and work types would be beneficial. Ideally you will have knowledge of areas such as public transport and policies at local, regional and national level. The ability to think at both strategic and detailed levels is advantageous.

You will have knowledge of preliminary highway design, junction design and analysis, traffic software (TRICS, ARCADY, PICADY, TRANSYT, Modelling Techniques etc.), traffic management techniques and Highways Agency and Local Authority design guidance so as to enable you accurately to work as part of the team. Experience in report writing and consultation with stakeholders is essential.

You will need to have good written and spoken communication skills and be able to work as part of a team or individually. An enthusiasm for and genuine interest in Transport Planning and Engineering is essential allowing a close fit with our highly motivated team. We are looking for someone who is able to develop as the team grows with the opportunity that WSP can offer being significant.
Old 26th February 2013   #1395
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Originally Posted by Oliver Schick View Post
Some interesting jobs going here, in Bournemouth, York, Preston, Lancaster, and Portsmouth:
people work outside of London?
Old 26th February 2013   #1396
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Ill pay someone with dinner and a yentz if they come and finish this dissertation draught for me.
I just cant really be bothered anymore
Old 26th February 2013   #1397
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single guys thread>>>>>
Old 26th February 2013   #1398
mands's Avatar
prostitution thread >>>>
Old 26th February 2013   #1399
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Originally Posted by pooface View Post
Ill pay someone with dinner and a yentz if they come and finish this dissertation draught for me.
I just cant really be bothered anymore
ahoy hoy!
Old 27th February 2013   #1400
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Job going where my wife works. Hard to guess what kind of salary they'll be offering, but likely in the 20-25K bracket. I think she's hoping for another secular type - they're a godless lot in the production department.

Production Assistant

Contract: Permanent
Location: London and Home Counties
Salary: dependent on experience


Full-time Production Assistant

We are looking to appoint urgently a skilled full-time assistant with a design background for the busy production department at the publishers Hymns Ancient & Modern in Clerkenwell, London.

The successful candidate must be familiar with CS6 (InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro) and a working knowledge of editorial design and print would be ideal. The main priority is the weekly production of The Church Times, working closely with editorial colleagues.

The successful candidate must be flexible, moving confidently between a variety of publications and styles - newspapers, books, journals, some adverts, and in-house marketing materials. They will be friendly, adaptable, thorough, and able to work in a department where no deadline is missed. He/she will be part of a small, dedicated team, working to a high standard of quality and with attention to detail.

An excellent understanding of the English language and grammar is essential.

Knowledge of the C of E, InCopy, new digital software, and the web will be an advantage.

Salary level dependent on experience.

Closing date: 5 p.m. 15 March 2013

To apply, please email your CV with a covering letter to:

Hymns Ancient & Modern, 3rd floor, Invicta House, 108-114 Golden Lane, London EC1Y 0TG

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