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    bump to say price is very negotiable

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    I bought this set for one of my projects, but I'm now having a clearout. The seller completely stripped the lot, cleaning, regreasing and rechroming/replacing with NOS parts where necessary, then rebuilding the lot - the RD has new rivets, phosphor bronze bushes and new bearings, for instance. The set in is very good condition, with only a very small amount of chrome loss on the RD. I will add a photo of this later (everything but the RD is a photo of the actual set, but the RD pic is one from the same seller and will be replaced with one of my own after work today), but it's really very insignificant.

    See here for more pictures

    I paid £135 plus postage for the set, so offers at or near this please. I can deliver in person to London this Friday, so let me know. Cheers!

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    richjames has dibs for now, and we should be meeting up to sort it out on Friday. If it falls through I'll let you know!

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    My bad! It's a 23 incher and I'm 5 ft 10 (33 inch inseam) to give you an idea of the seat post height

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    I'm having a clearout of my collection to raise money for a Moulton, so here's my next sale. This is a 1959 Viking Mileater in unrestored condition, perfect for a winter project. It was bought from the original owner, so I'm only the seocnd person to have owned it since it was made. Specs are as follows:

    Frame: 1959 Viking Mileater frame made from Reynolds 531 and Nervex Professional lugs, with original flamboyant ruby paint
    Forks: original Viking forks with Nervex fork crown
    Crank: original as specc'd (Williams?)
    Wheels: front is original (steel rim, Normandy high flange hub) and rear is later replacement
    Tyres: original 27 x 1 1/4
    Bars: GB Maes (I removed one half of the plastic tape to check this)
    Gears: 5 speed with generic derailleur
    Gear shifter: original Cyclo Benelux downtube shifter
    Brakes/levers: original GB Coureur Plus with red branded nuts
    Saddle: generic faux-suede
    Headset: Brampton Alatet
    Stem: GB alloy spearpont
    BB: Bayliss & Wiley
    Pedals: quill alloy

    This bike is in really nice preserved condition, but as you can see the paint is showing its age. The GB parts, frame and lugs all show this to be a seriously nice 50s build, the only exception being the later rear wheel. It would make the perfect winter project, and there's even a catalogue image online that gives you a great basis. H Lloyd can provide all the decals, so there's no worry if you want to do a full resto. I also have a full, refurbished Campag Gran Sport gear set for sale if you wanted to use that (it was specc'd on the best original build).

    See here for more photos

    Looking for £150 ideally, just to get it shifted. Open to offers/haggling, and can deliver it to central London this Friday if it suits. Cheers!

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    For sale is my beloved 1935 Raleigh Sports. This has been an ongoing project for me but one that now has to be moved on - I had a nasty accident with the fixed cog on this and can no longer enjoy riding it. Specs are as follows:

    Frame: 1935 21 inch Raleigh Sports with very slack geometry and lovely lugs
    Forks: original Raleigh slack forks
    Crank: Williams Raleigh heron crank (very rare nowadays)
    Wheels: early Racelite rims with early flip-flop Normandy high flange hubs
    Tyres: Schwalbe 26 x 1 1/4
    Bars: period 1930s chrome Lauterwasser (again, rarer than a hen's teeth)
    Freewheel: 16T Sturmey Archer (almost new)
    Fixed cog: 17T period no-name
    Chain: KMC Z510 HX (again, almost new)
    Brakes/levers: 80s Weinmann (dismantled originals will be provided)
    Saddle: 80s Condor (original leather saddle will be provided)
    Headset: Raleigh Industries
    Stem: Raleigh
    BB: Raleigh
    Grips: Britannia repro
    Pedals: MKS Sylvan Track (nearly new)

    This is a really special bike that needs a new custodian, but can be ridden as-is. The paint is not amazing but certainly serviceable, and is not at all bad when you consider it's been used for 80 years! I've spent about £600+ on getting it as it is now, so all that's left really is a £50 powder coat if you fancy it. Otherwise, this is a properly rare bike that you won't see another of.

    See here for more pictures

    Pried at £395 to reflect my costs/my reluctance to let it go, and if the price is sufficient I'll throw in a pair of black spearpoint celluloid mudguards from the period. I can deliver to London in person this coming Friday or Monday, or can make other arrangements if necessary. Cheers!

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