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10 years coal mining, 25 years teaching, 10 years Head of Faculty, now retired...

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    Much depends on what you are spraying- plastikote 'chrome effect' is about the best I've found (code number 150-S) but it remains quite soft and marks easily so probably not much good for frames. Additional coats of clear lacquer seem to dull the finish and any contamination at all will show, such as fingerprints from handling between coats.
    Aluminium spray paint is often brighter than so-called chrome or silver...

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    Presumably you've found this already?

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    I've used a motorbike cover for some years - it works well most of the time, but there are a couple of issues that don't arise with a relatively heavy motorcycle parked on tarmac but will with a bike in a garden:
    Look for a breathable fabric or vents (or both) because soil moisture and plant / grass respiration will cause condensation problems.
    The cover will also act as a sail and the bike will blow over - the side stand isn't be stable enough - think about getting creative with locks to hold it upright.
    Would something like a log store work? Make it part of the garden rather than a thing that lives in the garden?

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    To me, this looks too good to hack about.
    Assuming you buy it: at what point might you want to sell it on?
    Whenever I see a for sale ad with "custom" or "modified" in the description it means a number of things to me:
    -Not what the manufacturer intended
    -Higher insurance
    -Amateur engineering / not how I'd do it
    -Paying over the odds for someone else's preferences
    -Maintenance issues
    ... and I move on, looking for one that hasn't been tampered with. Do you really want to take a nice example of a bike no longer in production, and turn it into something less desirable?
    Assuming you don't go for any structural changes, can your intended modifications be done in such a way that they can be reversed? Save the original seat, chain guard, foot pegs, indicators etc. so you can restore it at a later date?

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    Cable routing on quite a few Mobylettes run inside the rear mudguard - no problem with mine over ten years or so - provided the cable sleeve is not damaged it should be fine no matter what the weather. Grommets in entry and exit holes are a good thing to reduce chafing. Many moped mudguards have fold-over cable clips welded to the underside: bike guards probably don't, so you'll have to get creative if you're taking this route.

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    I had a cheap(ish) gas BBQ some years ago - always seemed to be too many or too few lava rocks, and issues with corrosion - enough heat to affect the integrity of the paint, condensation when stored, steel parts rusting when not in use, and some sort of galvanic corrosion where dissimilar metals were in contact, especially around the regulator. Didn't really get on with it for cooking either. Eventually bought a similar size and price cast iron job which I think allows more control by moving charcoal around and changing the rack height.
    Gas might be good if children or pets are around - much quicker to cool to a safe temperature?

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    Car screen wash - fewer water marks than hard tap water.

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    Not noticing details such as coloured numbers puts a level to how often I use a tape measure.
    I tend to reach for a steel rule as the measuring stick of choice - retired Technology teacher, more engineering than woodwork.

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    You're quite right about the different colours on the tape measure.
    Having used the same tape measure for 30 years, I hadn't noticed - I had to go and check.

    I find this worrying.

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    I'm fairly sure [email protected]" is also what I've seen here, when the upper floor of my house was being built (prior to plasterboard going in), and again when contractors partitioned various rooms at work - I can't imagine UK and US standards being very different.

    The single shed I designed and made (#notanexpert) was on a very low budget, and only has to keep the weather off a few garden tools - if I wanted to keep more valuable things (e.g. bikes) secure I'd probably go for a heavier construction.

    At a practical level, if I'd used 4x2" at the closer spacing each frame would weigh around five times as much, and I wouldn't have been able to move them without help.

    @Backstop - compromise on [email protected]" and claim it's based on an obscure local standard?