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    They are indeed threaded

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    How long is that seatpost?

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    Really tempted with green hoods and green bar-tape, we shall see... trying my best not to upgrade parts just for the sake of it but when they wear out/break I'll get the porn parts on order.

    Swapped the front wheel for another one I had and went for a ride, much happier with it this time round and managed to clock just under 40 miles. Spent some time tinkering with fit and it's almost spot on. Bars could do with going down a little. Don't think I'll be slamming the stem, certainly much lower than it is. Have to say I'm super happy with going second hand or used parts of my own on this build. I'm not hard on my bikes but it certainly feels nice to have something I can just 'ride'.

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    Thanks, Georgel. Were you on a black fixed bike riding the other way?

    I've sorted the problem with the rear mech. I looked it over just to see that everything looked ok, gave it a prod and everything was fine, also thought I'd try my luck giving it a good old shake just to see if anything was broken or loose, couldn't believe my luck/stupidity to find a valve cap fall out... It was a schrader valve which I don't own any of, probably fell in sometime in the workshop or from the previous owner, ha. Gears working perfectly now, still needs new hoods but overall feeling a little happier.

    On my way back from a ride just under a hour ago going down a fairly steep hill, hit the anchors at the bottom and the front wheel locks up momentarily then spins and does it again - at 30mph. I stop to find a spoke missing and all the other spokes loose. Absolutely no idea how I didn't go over the bars, rear wheel must have been a foot of the ground before I threw my weight back. The wheel was so out of true I had to push the bike back home because it didn't even clear the pads with the brake open!

    Kind of annoyed at this point I go back into Paypal where I've already opened a case as the seller said they'd sent me the correct wheels to find this..

    Here's what they said I emailed them:

    From Seller – 翁 成光01/08/2014 03:03 BST
    It is buyer's fault,pls check the record as follows from buyer before order,he ordered campagnolo body before payment


    Ok how do I pay?

    I need:

    . 50mm clincher

    . black hubs and nipples

    . Campagnolo fitment


    What I actually emailed:

    From Buyer – No Quarter Bikes01/08/2014 12:10 BST
    2nd payment


    Hi, second part of payment for; 50mm CLINCHER carbon black hubs + nipples SRAM freehub Ship to; (my address, edited out)

    Funding type:

    Instant Bank Transfer

    Pretty pissed they've sent me the wrong wheels, called me a liar and nearly get shot off my bike...

    I've just sent Paypal a print screen of the payment I made to them with the comments, hopefully this should sort it.