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    budget has some fat in it

    i got fat, but im also asian and we like a good bargain and a haggle.

    i should just go buy some gold instead....

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    Spent most of this arvo reading articles about this Loan to Value Shortfall. Pulling out buzz words I can use and concepts for my argument.
    Luckily got the valuation through the post today so managed to send this off to Foxtons who were right on the ball. 2 mins later I get a call from the manager of the Agent I am dealing with. Prefer to deal with manager anyway, he get's things done.

    He was nice, understood where I was coming from. I said I do want the place, as I do, but not for +£40K on top of valuation. That's just a bad investment!
    Asked whether vendor would laugh in my face, he's like...we can see what we can do.

    Spoke about the valuation and possibly contesting it. I probably could as a last resort.
    No mention of their broker, who I've already spoken to and they said Halifax to me also anyway.

    Need my independent surveyor to come back to me with what he thinks, on Thurs.
    Figure out my position then...


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    Yes. You can also contact the artist directly too if you can find them ask about a commission piece for £X.

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    Good luck fam.

    thanks and thanks to others for comments also. Learning lots here about buying a home in the UK!
    As far as I am aware, they did go into property and value it - appointment was made for access.
    On the same day, I've had a full independent survey done and so whilst that was not a valuation, I'll ask him what his professional opinion is. Arm myself with some facts.

    Like the option break-down.
    1 viable
    3 would take some hella negotiation (40k!), and from what mustardbeak said about Halifax - difficult. I spoke to Foxtons and they were angling for this.
    4 I think I am stuck with Halifax. And even if I got a different figure on the place, it would be a small movement.

    2 - yep that's probably best.

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    @Cazakstan reckon I call it, looking at the radar, there's big rain coming and about to hit probably when we would be starting.


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    Thanks y'all.

    I've seen the Estate Agents comparable properties that they send through and they're IMO really difficult to compare. Apples and oranges.

    Good to know about Halifax valuers.

    issue that they will likely have with everybody now

    yeah good point. no matter who offered what, the valuation would come back the same.

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    Shit, the place I'm looking to buy has been valued at £4oK under what I had my offer accepted at.
    Obviously this affects how much the bank is going to lend us, and I don't want to be paying a large chunk over what it's worth.

    Advice on how to approach this with agents (& vendor) and get this down?
    Asking is £X50K
    Initial offer was £X25K
    Second offer accepted at £X40K.
    Valued by Halifax at £XK

    bah fucksticks

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    Gratuitous promotion of some nice LFGSS Ladies kit.
    Anyone fancy a cap or jersey? http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/26184­6/