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    Speaking of proper wankers watches, my watch buying savings account is focussed on one of these at the moment :D

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    5700? My second favourite Rolex.

    Stay away from the jubilee bracelets (unless they really float your boat) as they tend to be prone to more wear and tear over the decades.

    If you want one I'd consider getting your act together. They're gradually appreciating in value due to the fact they aren't made any more and are becoming harder to find in good condition.

    I bought one a while back but flipped it on because there was some case work required and I wasn't prepared to spend the money or take the risk to have one of the lugs opened slightly to get the bracelet back on it.

    You can pick them up for about £1k if you want one on a strap. Looking closer to £2.5 to £3k for a premium example with box, papers and minimal bracelet stretch.

    EDIT: IMHO if the professional photos can't hide the bracelet stretch then its going to be pretty floppy when you try it on. I'm not saying that you should avoid a watch with bracelet stretch just take into consideration that if you are lucky enough to find a NOS Airking bracelet it will cost you a small fortune. This example looks to be about £400-£500 over the top to me. Even the end pieces seem to have some play in the lugs. That said, I'd take their hand off at the wrist if they would accept an offer of £2k :D watchfinder.co.uk/Rolex/Air-K­ing/5700/26937/item/47312

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    Thanks @mdcc_tester

    I've tried my LBS and Condor with no luck. I'm heading Kent way on my road bike tomorrow so I will ask in a few shops around there and if I have no luck I'll drop you a line and see if we can strike a deal.

    I chucked some knackered Novatechs in the bin about a year ago. I knew I should have stripped them!

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    You can paint me pink and call me Shirley if I know. I also don't know how to find out.

    Germany is closer than the US so It'd be great if you could send the address over.


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    I've just cracked the drive side lock nut on a Miche Primato track hub. I've done the usual run of LBS parts bins and contacted Varno to ask if he has any spares with no luck.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on where I can find one for sale in the UK?

    EDIT: Like these ones. harriscyclery.net/page.cfm?PageID­=49&action=details&sku=HU1025

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    The happy and grinning face of @dancing james yesterday evening on Queen Street. Really good to see you and apologies for not being more engaging. Me and Dropout were just finishing a circular Cambridge ride and you caught me with nothing left in the tank only a mile or so from home.

    First proper bike ride in over a year after 18 months of recurrent injury. Great to be back amongst the world of the rolling and even better to be spotted on my comeback :D

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    Gah, for some reason PM notifications go through to my junk mail! Just reading it now (two weeks late!)

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    Small price drop to £240 before it goes elsewhere.

    Come on people. This is a really good turbo and cost me over £750 new!

    Don't tell me that the Mariane Vos TDF adverts have put you all off...