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    Is anyone hitting up the Cairngorms this weekend?

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    you don't need an instructor.

    I disagree with this, lessons are incredibly cost effective when you're starting out in the first week or so.
    I think everyone could benefit from a few hours with an instructor every so often.

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    A new record?
    edit: I stand corrected @tara1988 has resurrected a 7 year old thread. FYI there is a PM function for a reason.

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    I got an adaptor with my qc15's and 25's, I would imagine one would come with the 20's

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    I've had a pair of qc15's for years but I picked up some qc25's over summer. They're no different really, apart from you can listen to music when they're 'off' - but as @ExTra said it sounds rubbish.

    I get what you mean about the funny sensation, when 'turning them on' it can feel a bit like pressure on your ears even though theres no sound. But it's not caused me any problems and I find them comfortable to wear all day - but try a pair out first. For long haul they're excellent, but I would consider a decent pair of in ears next time.

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    Amazon have got it at £18.99 as a lightning deal if anyone is interested linky

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    I got back from my trip on Friday. I agree with Colin, pack little. I had hand luggage only, clothes wise I took - 7 tshirts, 7 pairs underwear, 3 shorts, flip flops, espadrilles (never wore), 1 pair of trousers, 1 lightweight coat (never wore) and it was plenty (you pay about £2 for laundry). Other stuff I brought were headphones, chargers, guidebook (used my phone most of the time), toiletries.

    My biggest recommendation is to buy a sim with internet access, it saved so much faffing between wifi spots.

    I did the following:
    3 nights Bangkok
    2 nights Chiang Mai
    6 nights Pai
    3 night Chiang Mai
    8 night Koh Tao
    1 night Bangkok

    I took a cooking class in Chiang Mai from tripadvisor - it was fun although I don't remember much. I had friends who went trekking and they said it was cracking, but it does kill quite a few of your days so consider if its worth it. I also went to an elephant sanctuary (nice but pricey) and also spent all my time in Koh Tao diving which I loved.

    I'm not too sure about bike routes, but you can hire a bike anywhere and most decent hotels/hostels have them for free, although consider how hot it is. I was pooped after 30 minutes. I did hire a scooter in Pai as most attractions were some distance out - I wouldn't recommend it unless you can ride one.