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    I passed My CBT on a geared bike on Wednesday

    It was my second attempt – my first driving experience and my first time operating an engine. Previously the concept of the clutch had been a complete mystery.

    I found it to be a steep learning curve, I felt challenged in a way I am not usually day-to-day at University for example. Simple skills and knowledge but it had my brain churning to take it all in.

    Even the basic discussion on road knowledge challenged some of the pre conceptions I have accrued as a conscientious (I hope) cyclist.

    Off road I found the mechanics of operating the bike very un natural and was having to run through mental checklists with every procedure, I was stalling a lot and dumping the clutch as I changed down gears. I was nervous when the instructor said he was happy to take me on the road.

    After a shaky start things came together much better on the road; there was a lot more information to process, but also more time to get a feel for the bike. I was able to relax and get a sense of what the bike needed me to do. I was still making simple mistakes; leaving the indicator running and stalling sporadically when I came to a stop but riding as a whole felt much more natural and fun.

    It was me and one other guy on a moped with the instructor, the other guy took the lead for the first half, which gave me some time to get a feel for things when it was time for me to take the lead. I was a little nervous but things continued on well and I was able to relax into it again, I had no idea where we’d got to by this point but it seemed we were in that weird place somewhere between suburbia and the beginning of the countryside, it was very hilly and controlling my speed as we came down hills was exhilarating and one of many aspects that hadn’t been discussed at all in the training up until this point. It was elements like this that gave me the chance to experiment and get my own feel for how the bike functioned.

    At some point whilst coming to the top of a hill and slowing to stop for a red light I stalled with a line of traffic building up behind me. When I tried to restart the engine it wouldn’t come back to life. I returned to my mental checklist and gently tried gunning the throttle as I had been shown when the cold engine had been unwilling to start earlier that morning but this time I could tell it was different as the engine was giving off zero life signs. Meanwhile the lights had turned green and my instructor via one-way radio was slowly and firmly talking me through the steps of turning the engine back on and moving off. I tried to communicate non-verbally that there was a problem beyond my experience- by this point the motorists behind were sharing their impatience. I made the decision to dismount and push my lifeless bike out of the way of the waiting traffic. At this point my instructor was still telling me to get back on the bike and calmly restart the bike but was losing conviction.

    It was a difficult position; I did not have the communication tools necessary to explain my situation, there was rising pressure and I felt the status of the CBT as training but also as a basic test meant that the instructor was obliged to encourage me to continue on even though I could not.

    The instructor and the other mopedist pulled over once past the junction, I joined them pushing the bike and explained my understanding of the situation. The instructor looked the bike over, after a while he told us to wait and pushed the bike out of view for a few minutes. He retuned with the bike running (possibly after a hill start?). I wasn’t sure at this point whether I’d fucked the bike up, or the bike had failed of its own accord or whether without radio contact there would have to be a rerun. With the engine still running he told us we would continue back with him riding my bike and me riding his – this meant we would be following him and would be out of radio contact as it was powered by a connection which was only on his bike. We set off; I found his bike to be a little more responsive, the clutch and throttle felt sharper and clearer. Cut off from the instructor and with more traffic the journey back felt more autonomous and it seemed to me that my riding improved to suit. Eventually we got back to the centre parked the bikes and got out of our kit.
    My instructor; not the most active conversationalist sat down at his desk and went through the moped guys paper work and stamped it with a pass- afterwards he asked for my licence and gave me a pass stamp to.

    Overall I am a much better motorcyclist now than I was before I did the CBT, meaning; I can actually ride a motorcycle as apposed to my previous vague fantasising about riding a motorcycle. Although I am far from assimilating the skills necessary to ride in a natural way, I can see that with practice I will get them. I think the return journey sans radio contact may have worked to my favour in showcasing my understanding of the basic training I had been given

    A fantastic de-mystifying experience anyone who’s considering it should get on and do it.

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    Hi, fully working order? I'll take it please!

    pm to follow

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    After repeated visits to London my fourteen-year-old brother is looking to spend his pocket money on a road bicycle.

    He tells me that in Münster everyone rides dutch style or hybrids and that shops only cater to these styles of riding (+ his teenage budget means he is looking for something second hand anyway).

    Does anyone have some knowledge or tips to share on where he could look for affordable second hand road bikes?

    I've suggested German Ebay or gumtree equivalents..

    Holland is a short train journey away and he is a fluent German speaker.

    Any German LFGSS equivalents?

    I’d imagined that in the centre or Europe would be full of good quality and fairly priced second hand steel, but he assured me it’s not. Is he looking in the wrong places?

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    I'm putting on a night of Bengali cinema at a new arts space called DIG in Lewisham next wednesday. Come along.

    The spiel;

    An Evening of Bengali Cinema.

    Starting with* ‘Kahanni’ (2012), Directed by Sujoy Ghosh*

    In Kahanni we are taken on a visceral journey through contemporary Kolkata; as seen through the eyes of Vidya Bagchi, a pregnant non-resident Indian (NRI) In search of her missing husband.

    Vidya occupies a grey area between insider and outsider as she struggles to penetrate the heady world of Kolkata. This allows the audience to share in her discoveries as over the course of a hot and bustling 122 minutes the city reveals itself.

    However at heart Kahanni is thoroughly a Thriller. From the first scene to the last, the story unfolds furtively from one waypoint to the next. Yet unbeknown to us beneath the surface the cogs have been set in motion towards an inescapable conclusion.

    Following Kahaani will be;

    ‘Pather Panchali’ (1955), Directed by Satyajit Ray

    A true classic not only of Bengali, but of world cinema. Satyajit Rays renowned career began with this his first film. Set in a remote village at the beginning of the twentieth century, it tells the simple story of a family and its children. Moments of joy and despair are both treated with the same understated clarity.

    Simple, Intimate and beautiful.

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    So I'll be cycling to Roehampton on Sunday, aiming to get there at around 2.
    I get the impression they can be flexible with which time slot you arrive for.

    I think croft may be joining me, anyone else up for it?