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    On the stairs. On the wall in the sitting room. And I converted the loft into a training/bike area.

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    Space!? I've 12 bikes in my flat.

    Never give up a bike.

    @edscoble replied
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    I got a ultrasil stuff backpack already from before, scrunches down to my thumb size!

    Yeah, no spare tyre. Got some gaffa tape wrapped around cardboard, so that'd do the job. I guess.

    Spoke key on multool. To be the pumb with spokes and no spoke key!! ha

    Yes got a tiny towel to dry and tiny face cloth to was with. Worked well last year, just pour water on it and soap and then use to wash. Really refreshing.

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    Fag mini and krypo mini evo is the best combo.

    I used to just leave my fag mini at uni lockup and use krypto on the go. So didn't need to carry fag around every day.

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    Yeah, I looking for my buff but it's vanished. So unless it turns up. As you say, it's useful!

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    Yeah. Got 34x28.

    They don't do 12-30 which would have been nice.
    If 28 isn't enough i'll stop and get 11-32 in basel after crossing Jura.

    28 should be alright. 34x28 is about 39x32 as I was okay last year even up steeper gradients with about 5kg more weight.

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    Just lost 1.4kg wit suggestions ed.

    Yeah, that's a thought laner. I've some uniqlo longjohns or some compression tights. Will think.

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    All the things I was mulling over losing you crossed. So they'll go.

    Goretex jacket is a gore one. Just a goretex shell, so yes goes over the polartec jacket.

    And toothbrush is this one; hygenic

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    Trying to take as little as possible. But still be comfortable for me.

    Don't think I can ditch much of this?? I am about on the limit i think.

    Kit list

    Right: 4.4kg

    Food dry bag( as and when bought)

    Clothing dry bag;

    • rapha club jersey
    • assos bib short
    • nano flex bib short (might lose this) Can ride in boxers/shorts if other pair drying
    • leg warmer
    • no rain arm warmer
    • Gabba (could be useful if 15-20deg and rain)
    • arc'teryx polartec atom jacket
    • de feet merino glove
    • rapha merino base layer x3
    • flip flop (might swap for croc 200g lighter)
    • utility trouser
    • ran meco boxers
    • giro merino socks x2
    • EDZ merino hat
    • cap

    Rain dry bag

    • goretex jacket
    • neoprene glove
    • castelli lightweight overshoes

    Side pocket ziplock

    • passport
    • paperwork
    • cash
    • kindle
    • Tent poles

    Left: 4.5kg


    • Alp kit pot
    • Alp kit mug
    • Msr pocket rocket
    • Gas canister
    • Lighter
    • alpkit spoon/fork
    • sharp knife
    • Olive oil
    • Salt/pepper
    • Azera coffee
    • Scouring pad
    • swiss army knife

    First aid:

    • Ibuprofen gel
    • Codeine
    • Steri-strip
    • Gaffa tape
    • Antiseptic wipe
    • Bandages
    • Blister plaster
    • Anti-hystamie pills


    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Dry body wash
    • Wet multipurpose wash
    • Deodorant
    • Toilet wipes
    • Hand moisturiser
    • Antibacterial hand wash


    • Garmin 810
    • Garmin 800 as backup
    • 7200ah solar carver
    • 12000ah battery back
    • Cables assorted
    • iPod nano/headphone
    • iPhone
    • Nokia brick
    • Emergency battery charger (takes 10aa battery so circa 1000mah)
    • Bike light charger
    • Wall USB charger

    Bike stuff;

    • Multi tool
    • Gear cable
    • Brake cable
    • Rubber glove
    • Puncture patches
    • Dry Lube
    • Tent/matt repair kit
    • Quick link pair x2
    • Brake pad set

    Separate bag

    • Inner tube x3
    • Lezyne pump
    • Park tool lever x2
    • Pinhead key
    • Lock


    • Bikes lights
    • Head torch
    • PAC a backpack - if sudden extra space needed after shop.
    • Spokes
    • Maps
    • Zip ties

    Rack bag: 3kg

    • Tent; terra nova laser 1
    • Bivi bag; alp kit hunka
    • Sleeping bag; mountain hardware phenomen 32
    • Silk sleeping bag liner
    • Sleeping Matt: klymit static v

    Top tube bag

    • daily bike food
    • stuff not wanted in pockets