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    What i said in the other thread,

    2015 Tour- Quintana the obvious choice, but should suit the young frenchmen as well. Froome already making noises about Giro/Vuelta and not doing the tour. Though I think it could be an attempt to allieviate expectation

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    Time to start the 2015 thread?

    Tour route that suits Quintana and, hopefully, Bardet.

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    Jam st has reopened, it's a hodge podge of styles and generally seems to have lost its way. Will be sticking to the Hillary Step

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    Landshark just needs all the gubbins attached to it coming off. Nice build otherwise

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    Indy Man Brew House- Pale and a Half- Missed this at IMBC but had in Common, Biscuity and lovely.

    Other than that I had 2 Shepherd Neame "Artesian Ales" both the light and dark from Asda, £1 each, as i'm skint. Perfectly passable.

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    Have put on 2/3kg since the end of the season. Now at near as dammit 80. I'm gonna aim to get down to sub 75kg for the start of next season, which at 195cm is pretty lean.

    My general weightloss formula is caffeine + fasted commute. Having healthy options to snack on is also good, generally try to split the day up.

    6:15- Coffee
    6.30-7.30- Commute
    8:00- Porridge
    12:30-Lunch (Quinoa or Chickpea based salad)
    14:00- Two x Satsuma
    16:00- Banana
    16.15-17.15- Commute
    18:30- Dinner- Often Pasta, though sometimes just veg based, try to incorporate oily fish or lean protein pretty regularly.
    20:00- Handful of dried fruit & nuts (dependant on core or watt bike class)

    I know that doing this i can shed weight pretty quickly without ever feeling particularly weak or overhungry. Having the set routine seems to help me avoid snacking on crap in work.

    I do drink at the weekend, and my intake seemed tio increase as the season prgressed, but will be trying to cut it back down to less than 10 units a week again over the off season.

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    That'll be me in waffa. Love the Wirral/ Pleasure Peninsula/ Wizz Wazz. Lots of good riding and good pubs. Should have got a parkgate ice cream!

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    Could well have been, was likely with Maciek in his eastern european eagle top. Loving Autumn atm!

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    Another 100 miles in the peaks with 8k feet of climbing, 2 cafe stops, one with a HUGE wedge of carrot cake after descending into the mist of Winnats pass. Not my Strava data as my garmin is kaput, but that of Kris who i was out with strava.com/activities/2064273­90