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    Mc Styles: A London Thing

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    Talking of polo, think I just saw Apollo on Clerkenwell Road going towards Theobalds Rd on something beaterish with polo mallet attached to top tube.

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    Let's go and see General Lucifer and sing Wuthering Heights as we crest over the hill to Haworth*

    Now that's what I would call ace.

    *General Lucifer doesn't live in Haworth but don't let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy bike ride I reckon. And he lives closer to Haworth than we do at any rate.

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    Whose is that camo track bike? So. Much. Want!

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    Because it's a very niche and complicated sport it's quite unlikely
    that you'll find a flatlander who will take their time to coach you
    through the basics (and drop their bike numerous times in the

    You could be onto something about the dropping their bike bit but I used to knock around with a bunch of flatlanders in South Norwood (Norwood Park) and I'm pretty sure lots of them would be delighted to have some new blood/try and get someone interested in the sport.

    Try googling "The Green Mile + Flatland" - there was an article about them in The Albion a few years ago that might give you a good idea if they're still knocking around. I last saw Jason (Forde) at the Olympics last year when we were both going to be in the closing ceremony and he was certainly still doing flat land then (I can't imagine he'd ever stop doing flatland tbh!)

    @Ethel replied
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    As for hating it, I hate running now because I'm fat and running is
    horrible when carrying extra weight (whilst cycling is easy). It'll
    get less horrible when I get back down to a more sensible weight, but
    running (amongst other exercise) is one of the best ways I've found of
    getting my weight back down. I'm hoping that once I get my weight down
    enough it'll transition from "hate" to "mild dislike" and I can put up
    with "mild dislike" for 4 hours. I've "hated" 10+ hour stretches of
    some Audaxes I've ridden. A lack of bloody-mindedness is not a problem I suffer from.

    fair dos...I'm just of the mindset of thinking that life is too short to waste on doing things you hate (but are optional, obvs)

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    Marathon I hate running, but it's something that has to be done.

    Begs the question...why? I can kind of understand why people who actually like running would do it but if not, it looks like hell. You've got to really, REALLY put in months and months of training of doing something you hate and the actual event looks awful - lots of hanging around/shuffling/being penned in at the start and lots of people EVERYWHERE on the route, shouting and hollering? I know the point of the spectators is to gee people on but I would find it really annoying.

    And we haven't even started on the fact that you've got to raise a fortune and then there's the chafing....you strike me as the type that would (rightfully) hate Ride100 for many of the reasons I've mentioned above (and the organisers have said they want it to become the cycling version of the marathon) so I'm wondering why you'd want to do the marathon..?

    Genuine q - not trolling or owt

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    Yeah! Me too! That's some changes! nice work!