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    Perfect, that's pretty much what I want to do.

    Is there a specific usb cable you use (presumably a double ended mico one?) just had a quick google and there aren't many I can see

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    Has anyone had success using a tablet to connect to the Garmin? I'm looking at buying a Hudl2, and hoping that I can use the micro-usb port it has to connect to my Garmin 705 to upload routes to it, and download rides to Strava etc.

    I've read that perhaps the power output of the tablet would not be sufficient to allow connectivity with the Garmin. Has anyone tried something similar?

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    A friend left his bike behind when he moved away, so I have given it a bit of attention, added new wheels and tyres, changed the brake cables and it is now all good to go to a good home.

    Perfect commuter or pub bike.

    Frame is a 53cm steel (18-23) with a 56cm top tube and matching forks
    Unbranded headset which is running smoothly
    'Custom' cranks, and I have left on both the 52 and 42t chainrings
    Front wheel is Decathlon own-brand
    Rear wheel is an unknown make, bought from LFGSS - flip-flop hub, currently running a fixed 19t cog on the rear
    Both wheels run true and have plenty of life left in the rims
    Frame has mudguard mounts

    I would rather not post, so open this up for collection only initially. Based in Bermondsey and can do most evenings and weekends.

    £130 ONO

    Any questions, let me know

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    Not sure this is the right thread...but IT is down at work so I'm on my smartphone and can't find a better one

    Is there a chain lube that is anywhere near as good as the stuff that you get on a brand new chain? I hate the Finish Line wet lube that ends up as black gunk, and use wax White Lightning in the summer, But that's not hardy enough for winter riding. Recently put a new 105 chain on my winter bike and it's running clean without collecting dirt so I am hoping to replicate this. Ideas?

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    I recently got out and did the Condor Kentish CX loop (condorcycles.com/route-club/k­entish-cyclocross-ride.html) on my commuto-cross, which was a lovely change to the usual road training rides.

    Can anyone share similar routes that are suitable in the area? Hard to tell if mtb routes will be too rugged, and the standard Google-mapping software I use to plot road rides doesn't cover off bridle ways etc

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    All dissembled ok, but struggling with reconnecting the new battery. Attached is how the circuit board and battery wires look - was this the same on yours? Am I missing something obvious?

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    Perfect, thanks!

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    The battery life on my wife's 800 has rapidly diminished after a couple of years of decent usage and charging cycles.

    Looking to replace the battery, which seems simple enough, but would be interested if anyone on here has experience of the batteries on the market and whether any are to be avoided?