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    Hang the bike front wheel up, this will send any air bubbles to the lever, then just beheld by attaching the cup full of hydraulic fluid to the bleed port on the lever. Then keep pulling the brake lever just to get the last air out and more fluid in.

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    Reach adjustment doesn't appear to be needed for me.

    If you need to see page 33 here si.shimano.com/php/download.php?f­ile=pdf/dm/DM-BR0008-00-ENG.pdf

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    If the hub is not the 40t engagement you can't put the 11spd Shimano free hub onto it.

    I have just had to get new wheel built with the new hope hub to run an 11spd group set.

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    In Kingston just now.

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    Decided to give riding with Twickenham CC a go today. They have a policy of noobs needing to ride in their induction group 3 times before being allowed to play with the real club riders.

    The group were quite sketchy and slow. One rider crashed into the person in front when everyone else had stopped at a junction. Chain gang was difficult as a lot of the riders only rode in their top gear - they'd start and stop in that gear and as result really struggled to modulate their speed. In the first half of the ride barring one climb it felt like the only things that elevated my heart rate were the cyclists around me and some fucking terrifying driving. Some awful overtaking from drivers going in either direction.

    At the cafe stop I asked if I may transfer to another group and felt a whole lot more comfortable. My through and off technique is a little rusty, the rider behind me was struggling to keep to my wheel when we were pulling forward. Towards the end of the ride someone mentioned there is a sprint coming up and then a couple of people jumped out of the bunch. I had no idea where the end of the sprint was but found myself joining in like our youngest dog chasing another hound just for the hell of it. All of us in the sprint were annihilated by a young lady in the group.

    It was suggested I join them for some of their Tuesday rides. I may see if I can juggle my evening schedule to accommodate this.


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    Going lower means less weight is stacked on the discs, the discs are now substantially thinner than they should be and the vertebrae have been wearing against each other.

    My folding bike is the least comfortable as I am in the most sit up and beg position, road and skidder bikes are fairly identical with approx 8.5 cm saddle to bar drop. This bike was not so good earlier this year, I had set it up with about 7.5 cm drop but got better when I move the bars lower.

    Had decided to return to my fit data from years ago when I was not doing so much yoga but even on the 3 mile ride home I was feeling more of the road buzz in my spine. Will try it again tomorrow when working and then consider juggling spacers until I find the sweet spot.

    My bad discs are l2-l3 and l3-l4.

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    I though I could safely believe you, you were so forthright and even flounced to uphold your beliefs. The illuminati must have hacked your account in order to discredit you as now I can't trust anything you say.