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    Few photos from one of the volunteers at the start and then the Ventoux control: flickr.com/photos/12617230@N­03/sets/72157656689190701

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    @skinny shame things didn't quite go to plan but it was a fantastic and inspirational effort, been exciting following the dots and you've shown a great attitude towards the race and unsupported ultra racing in general!

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    Full list of scratches (Facebooklink)

    6 Juliana Buhring
    7 Emily Chappell
    8 Andreas Wittkemper
    9 Gunther Desmedt
    15 Bernd Paul
    21 Sarah Searle
    24 Chris White
    26 Hans-Jürgen Schmitz-Rech
    31 Martin Mcconnell
    41 Rian Cope
    42 Zbynek Simcik
    48 David Hart
    54 Rod Aitchison
    74 Jihad Azmuddin
    75 James Hayden
    82 Thomas Searby
    86 Doug Bridgens
    88 Christian Ekdahl
    96 Henry Rijkenberg
    102 Paul Alinejad
    103 Matthew Collins
    104 Andrew Brogan
    109 Jens Frederickx
    132 Roberto Buonamano
    139 Serguei Stassiouk
    150 Frank Biersteker
    170 Phillip Perkins
    170 Elena Solomides
    175 Stewart Campbell
    175 David Winton
    177 Roeland Cappon
    177 Pieter Cappon
    179 Russell Stout
    179 Fraser Waters
    182 Nick Williamson
    184 Peter Tannenberger
    184 Christian Schaefer
    189 Jonathan Shergold
    WILDAndreas Behrens

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    The WM one looks to be warmer - what sort of temps do you expect to use it in? Are you a warm/cold sleeper?

    Check if PHD have a sale at the moment or anything suitable in their bargain box - really pleased with the bag I have from them.

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    The collection is growing...

    Proto/demo 1x1 frame, serial number is "1x1 DISC". Going to be a slow build - need to decide if I'll run with 26x2.7" Dirt Wizards or go for wide 650b wheels and stick a 2.3/2.4 in there...

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    Sounds like a good plan! I've been trying to keep a few bottles of De Dolle's Stille Nacht stashed away until this Christmas or beyond... caved in and drank it several times at the beginning of the year, thankfully the shop still had some stock recently... last attempt has led to a couple of bottles hidden in the back of a cupboard, just out of reach and behind some precariously stacked boxes... So far so good...

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    Source here, don't know if the details are listed or in the comments maybe... theradavist.com/2015/01/benedicts­-romantical-clockwork-bikes-dirt-droop-2­9r/#1

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    Currently De Struise Black Albert. 13% Russian Imperial Stout... Super dark, almost tar-like to pour, smooth to drink. % is hidden under flavours of coffee/spiced chocolate/caramel

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    Hopped on the train to Oxenholme on Wednesday night. Headed along the road to Garsdale then up the Coal Road onto the Pennine Bridleway. Had 4h "sleep" above Dent Fell then rode down the PBW back to Hebden Bridge.

    The Yorkshire Dales section of the PBW is excellent, stunning views even with the low-cloud and pouring rain, lots of up and down and very quiet all around. Pendle to Calderdale had some nice riding too and there was one point you could turn round and see all the way back to the Dales. The bit between the Dales and Pendle featured a lot of skirting along field boundaries, non existent tracks, cow poo, sheep poo, more cow poo, several fields with angry bulls and a few farms with unfriendly dogs... Not in any hurry to ride that bit again!

    Waking up...

    Just after the rain stopped...

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    Does the 1000 take micro-SD cards? Not like a couple of spares with the route on each would weigh you down...