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    Any idea what is a sensible weight limit for old Campag Shamal/Ventos with 16 spokes?

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    Can you recommend a new short sleeve jersey? I've only got £60 to spend, don't really like the look of most cycling jerseys with naff designs and flashes etc. Black has gotta be the way to go...

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    Thanks bbb..

    2-The 16h Campagnolo Vento wheels that came with the frameset are 8sp, but seem to be 130 OLD. Is this normal? I was expecting them (and the frame) to be 126mm. The 36h Record to Open Pros that I have are also 130 OLD, as are some 9 speed Chorus to DT Swiss that I have. I can't try the 9 speed cassette on the Vento or Open Pro wheelsets as the cassette bodies are different. Ideally I would either a) like to run 9 speed on the Open Pros or b) sell the Open Pros and re-lace the Chorus hubs to 32h TB14s

    Campagnolo 8 speed moved to 130 OLD but uses its own free hub body, not compatible with 9, 10, 11 which have a different free hub body. 9 speed cassettes won't fit, as you found out

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    ^ cinelli grammo ; )

    I thought it was actually one by Firefly with an ENVE clamp system?

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    Thanks Skywalker. Got one now, not easy to find. I'm sure you'll have no problems selling though. Cheers

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    My feet get really cold in my Shimano road shoes. I've learnt to move them a bit to stop cramping as happened when I first moved to clip less a couple of years ago. Any suggestions on improving the situation? I already wear Defeet woolie bully thick socks year round! Starting to wonder if I'm a cold feet freak? It's never a problem in any other situation... I think the standard insoles with vent makes them my feet too cold for autumn and winter. Are better thicker insoles worth the investment? Anyone tried insulated insoles for this kind of problem?

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    Titanium seatpost in a semi-matte finish, 27.2mm, 350mm from rails to bottom of post.

    Bought from B'Jammin late of this parish, but not used by me - so I'm selling it for what I bought it for - £55.

    B'Jammin said he thought it might be a Van Nicholas as it looks the same, but it has no name or markings on it.

    I'm in Portsmouth, so you're welcome to collect if you're local, or £4 postage.