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    Off topic, but you bunch of tarts can probably answer this;

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    If i've got standard road bars (so stem is 26.4mm clamp size) what size crosstop lever fit 'em?

    edit - I was just presuming 26.0mm was right, but just wanted to check before I splurge.

    The 26 mm is the stem clamp size, where your crosstopTM levers clamp the bar's od will have decreased (the stem clamp area will be sleeved or bulged) down to 23.8 mm IIRC.

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    Fenton are good at this sort of thing:


    Don't know about his mod credentials though. :)

    Thanks old chap.
    I emailed them yesterday and got a reply today from a Cordula Wagner (she's not a mod) which I almost deleted as another porn site fishing email (how do they get my address?).
    Altering the Sta-prest will be £30 which is probably reasonable but also more than I bought the trousers for.
    Any non-artisanal alteration services out there?

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    Anyone have experience getting trousers tapered in London (pref Central or South)? I have a pair of vintage Levis Sta-Prest I want sorting. They need to be taken in equally on the inseam and outer to keep the permanent crease in the right place and the inseam is overlock stitched.
    Any old mods out there?

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    Shame about the Uniqlo jeans. I guess they were too 'cheap' for denim snobs and too expensive for Uniqlo punters.
    Been wearing the Albam's at home all evening - I think taking them back might be a problem. I'm 'skinny' at the moment and don't want jeans with slack I might be tempted to fill up.
    'Put down the pie'.

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    I probably should have gone down a size then.
    Ah well, I thought they'd be a slimmer fit.
    Seem like really nice denim though and I can't afford/justify any more LVC 505s.

    Talking of cheaper selvedge did Uniqlo stop doing the all japan jeans? I had a pair that wore really well but cant see them on their site.

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    Just got a pair of Albam slim fits for a pressy.
    How much do they really shrink? The label says up to an inch but I thought they were sanforized.

    I'll probably get them hemmed kind of short anyway (60's/mod) but if they're going to shrink an inch I could end up with proper ankle swingers. I'd rather wear them raw for a while but not with a 5" turn up #notjoeorton

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    Nope, plaster won't stick to wood well and when the wood moves it will crack and fall off. Plaster board over wood then plaster?

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    Yes, people who respect beautiful houses and won't put horrible brown uPVC porches on the front

    Can't tell if serious.

    Satirical representation of the obscene self righteousness of middle class gentrifying cunts?

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    Not jeans but I've just got a NWOT LVC type iii jacket in a 42.
    Was a good deal so I persuaded myself that it'd fit but I need a 40 or M.
    It's in new unworn condition.
    Anyone want to trade or buy