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    Keep getting an error message when I try to upload pictures from my phone. Will try to pm some to you!

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    Can't seem to upload pictures at the mo. Will try later.

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    This is not your usual kids bike - ie. kept in a garage and ridden 11 times in its life. This sad looking, scruffy chap has earned it's keep about 93 times over. Ridden 5 miles to school and back everyday, raced on (ridden to a couple of podium spots) weekend 50 milers, 3 london to Brightons, tours in the uk, holland and france.

    So what you're getting, if you're positive, is a bike with an awesome pedigree and history, one that's been loved to within an inch of its life. Seen another way you're getting a bike that's a bit tired and needs some love, and a new saddle and bar tape. However, it has a nearly new chain and cassette and a fresh rear tyre.

    My son got it for his eighth birthday and rode it till his twelfth - it was a little small by then.

    I hope we can find a new owner who'll use it as intensely and learn to love riding bikes while doing so.

    They seem to go for silly money on eBay. I'd reckon it's got to be worth £220.

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    This is my wife's trusty commuting steed. It's not been used for well over a year as she uses her road bike these days, and bails if it's raining.

    It's pretty well specced, with a tiagra group set. Newish Mavic touring rims on tiagra hubs and schwalbe marathon tyres with plenty of life left in them. Carbon forks and rear triangle - for that essential commuter weight saving.

    However, it's been in storage for ages and could do with a service and a clean. It's got some cosmetic scratches and chips to the paint, so it'll never look shiny shiny. I rode it round the block and it goes well: gears change fine, brakes slow you down (xt v brakes btw), however, I'd wager it could do with a new chain and cassette in the not so distant.

    It's got sks mudguards fitted and you can fit a rack if you like.

    It's done a great many london miles and the odd tour round the uk. It's been used in all weathers and not pampered. So fair warning - it's a long way from mint. But it is an originally expensive bike - bought from Evans for about £800 if memory serves.

    I'd guess it ought to be worth £200. But feel free to laugh if that's too much.

    Top tube is 50.5cm. My wife is 5'4". It'd suit a couple of inches either side of that.

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    Falzarego is great - barely worth saying but the Giau has to be done.

    I did 6 days there and rode on a standard double with 27 on the back. Very, very foolish bit of machismo. Compact is absolutely essential. I'd go back any time. Traffic was not bad in June when we went. Although the big, famous things like the Stelvio were busy. There are lots of small roads to explore with almost no traffic. We did one climb - not even given a name other than the road number - and despite qualifying for H.C. status there wasn't a single car all the way up.