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    I was admiring @makko 's escapade not long ago.

    Although it's not an SSCX build, it looks great built up! Not a huge amount of seatpost, but it depends if you need/want more scoblebricks than shown?

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    I've overspent on a new build, so would like to shift a few bits from the old build to make myself feel slightly less guilty. Almost everything has come off the same bike, with the exception of the saddle.

    While some stuff isn't in the best cosmetic condition, everything is mechanically tip-top.

    Everything is located in Sunderland and all prices include postage, which is bog standard first class unless you'd like otherwise.

    Questions (and offers) are invited! Payment via paypal, or of course cold hard cash if you're local.

    Dura Ace 7600 Crankset - £140
    165mm Dura Ace cranks, with Dura-Ace 47t chainring and UN-55BB.
    I got these second hand (from ebay's philthepowertailor), and so they're showing the use of a couple of owners now. However, they still ride great! All threads, tapers etc are in great nick.

    The BB is British Threaded, and the spindle length is 107mm. It's seen very little use as it was only installed in February!

    Shimano 105 Front Brake - SOLD

    Shimano 105 Pedals - £18
    Cosmetically rough - they've suffered a couple of spills and so the outsides of the pedal bodies are a bit scratched up. Still working great though, threads and bearings are spot on. Get em on your pub/beater/commuter.

    Andel 20t Cog - £14
    Includes Token Lockring
    In fine condition, all the threads are great. Gearingg for those that live in hilly areas/are soft as shite (i.e. me).

    Dia Compe Dirty Harry - L/H - £8
    Bit worn on the top of the clamp, but otherwise fine!

    SR Custom Quill Stem - 80mm - £8
    A bit tatty looking, but would polish up fine. The clamp still clamps and it's nice and short for maximum t-rex compatibility.

    Selle Italia X1 - $14
    OTP Saddle removed from the bike I bought last year, been sitting in a box since. A grubby finger mark or two, but otherwise brand spanking new.


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    Oops - thought my previous post had embedded an instagram iframe, but alas, no :)

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    My final parts delivery arrived at work today - hopefully getting the frameset back from the LBS today or tomorrow, then I can get on with building!

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    Usually some sort of "so sugary you can taste the grains" kind of flapjack, full fat coke, jelly sweets of some kind, or all three does the trick for me.

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    Depends on rider weight I guess? A mate of mine who's on the heavier side killed a Fulcrum Racing 7 rear wheel in about 4 months...

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