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    I'm still worried I'll buy Alien and not be able to play it too much. Headphones give you so much immersion that I'll be bricking it!

    Got GTA v on xbox to play though over Christmas that and wolfenstein to complete.

    Oh and Steam counting hours is worrying. I think most played is DOTA which is around 500 hours!

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    Is there a headphone topic on this forum? As much as I'd love some new speakers I apparently have to take into consideration the neighbors.

    First time I've bought what I'd consider high end headphones. Currently trying to decide between the AKG 550 or the Audio Technica M50x

    Any opinions?

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    In other news GTA V on next gen is awesome. Feels as though the previous gen was a tester.

    I haven't played through much of the story and have played a bit of on line. Really enjoying it again.

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    Hahaha brilliant.

    I want us to all play again soon. Playing with you lot has made me enjoy day z even more.

    Let me know if any of you are on this evening.

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    Ah last night was funny. Looking forward to playing again. Anyone up for this evening?

    I only saw one of you guys and I was on black and white and fainted at your feet. That was hilarious though.

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    im on steam now - someone ping me a message and ill find you lot

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    I'll be in guys - look forward to it. Do we all chat in game or on skype or something?

    I'll send one of you a message as to be honest I have no idea where I'm going. I'll run day z windowed and use my other monitor for the map.

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    Look forward to playing this evening. When do you all think you'll be on? I've got to do some DIY when I get in so hopefully around 8?