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    Spotted forum cap in Whitby, north yorks of all places. Too many people in the way to say hi. Im up here for the bank holiday for "family time".

    It was me. Hope you are having, or have had a lovely time. There are some good routes round Whitby.

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    It needs someone with grit and guts to do it. I've been cycling in London for 10 years and racing since 2006. I've had to beef up my knowledge, learn how to talk the talk and cope with the frustration of having to visit 4 or 5 different stores before finding the right bit of women's specific kit. How many bike shops stock sportsbras, do you reckon? Clothing is the biggest issue at the moment. Totally and utterly frustrating and I'm a size 8 ... can you imagine how my size 18 buddy gets on?

    It might be a long path to success and will need to be perfectly pitched, but London needs this.

    Do it!!!

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    Thank you all so much! I loved the ride and it was lovely to meet you all.

    Thanks to Clefty, I know that the best place to eat mango is in the bath.

    You are all ace.

    Charlotte (on the bowery, white helmet)

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    Hello. I am new.

    Can I join you? I am lady with gears normally but beetle about on my ss merrily.

    Will have rubbish legs as racing in Abergavenny on Saturday but an excellent sense of direction, so shouldn't get lost if dropped.